1916 Owens Magnetic - Serial Hybrid.

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    Hi All:

    ___Watching a rebroadcast of Jay Leno this morning and caught a mention of a vintage hybrid. I think you are going to like it.

    1916 Owens Magnetic

    ___Good Luck

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    Although it's an interesting piece of technology, the Owens Magnetic is NOT a hybrid. The engine turns an electric generator. This produces current for an electric motor that actually drives the wheels. It eliminates all the problems involved in shifting a manual transmission, which was far more difficult in those days. However, if the gasoline engine is turned off, the car will not run. It's the same basic system used on most diesel locomotives.
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    And if the gasoline engine on my insight is turned off my car will not run either... does that mean I don't have a hybrid? There are different kinds of hybrids other than the prius' system that will run in electric only mode.
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    Adding some details to what caryfd227 said...

    Toyota's hybrid system (HSD) is often referred to as a "full" hybrid system, meaning that either the gasoline engine or the electric motor can drive propulsion independently, and they can do so in combination. The system can be generating and consuming electricity at the same time. Both are not required to be "on" for the system to operate (i.e. electric-only propulsion is possible).

    Honda's hybrid system (IMA) is often referred to as an "assist" hybrid system, meaning that an electric motor-generator is connected directly to the transmission. Electricity is either being produced or consumed at any given time. The ICE generally needs to be running for propulsion to occur.

    GM's two-mode is a different animal, of which I'm still learning the technical details.

    The 1916 Owens Magnetic seems very similar to Honda's design. It is most definitely a hybrid.
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