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Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by psyshack, Sep 11, 2010.

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    Not the connecting rod bolts, the stock bolts (studs?) that connect the top and bottom end- they will deform and shear off under high HP when modded.
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    phoebeisis -
    How did my buddy know I was doing 60MPH? By looking at the speedometer (Helen Keller would be able to see that thing!). He rode shotgun and leaned over my shoulder. As I said, it was not a scientific test.

    As far as the 6MT in comparison, I don't know. The mileage IS better in the CVT, mainly because it does the power range hunting for itself. It's not as fast as my '07 MCS, but I really don't miss the little power difference(when it ran). The higher mileage trumps the amount of power given up.
    I did surprise myself at a red light tonight on the way hme. Had "Dana" (yes, I name my cars - she's named after a good friend of mine) in ECON as usual. The light turned green and I immediately pushed the gas about half-way down (usually, I let off the gas and let the her start to roll before touching the peddle) and chirped the front tires. I checked the ECON button, thinking I was in NORMAL, but she was in ECON mode. Did not try that in SPORT yet.

    Well, Honda-philes may not like this car, but I think it's fantastic. I've had her almost a month now and I look forward to every chance I get to drive her. The only other Honda product that I really liked driving was our 1986 Acura Integra LS 4-door hatch. It was #001016,; one of the first. It was a 5MT and it only had 110 HP, but it was fun. We also had a 1992 Vigor GS, which was nice. Wasn't thrilled about the long hood look of that car, but it was not the car I normally drove. Never even thought of a CR-X as a car choice. I guess I easily dismissed 2-seaters as not being practical at that time.

    So I guess some of you will just continue to wring your hands and crunch your numbers over this car and call it junk. Go ahead. I'm enjoying it immensely!
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    Marty, please don't take away the impression that everyone here thinks the CR-Z is junk. Personally I think it's great.
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    CR-Zmarty Not junk- it is just our hotrodder USA HP bias showing thru.Besides,I've never driven one, so what would I know.
    I didn't like those tiny low HP Limey "sports cars" (MG,MGB,TR anything(except the TR8)) either, so what do I know.

    Glad you love it-we-me- are just whining because we are still hp junkies.
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    I'm just giving you guys a hard time!

    For those who asked; yes, there are already companies with aftermarket accesories for CR-Zs. Unless you are somehow lowering the weight of the car (while maybe boosting the power through CORRECT engine add-ons), you are defeating the purpose of the car. There is a forum specifically for the CR-Z that shows a black EX modded out. I'm sorry, but just because it's a Honda, DOES NOT mean it needs a "fart can"!

    I have thought of removing the spare tire and donning a set of run-flats to help lighten my CR-Z. I haven't and probably won't weigh the spare and the accompanying tools, but I wonder it that would be a help. I know it wouldn't offset the cost of a set of run-flats for many years. It would also affect the front-rear weight bias to the detriment of its handing. Any thoughts?
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    I like the CRZ as is and it is a tuner's car! They were modding it in Japan before it even hit the shores here. Lot's of companies are going after the aftermarket parts.

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    Heck- forget those run flats.I bet they are heavier than "normal tires"
    Just get some plugs-a cheap pump and a AAA membership and a cell phone with a tolerant wife on the other end(to bring the spare). For long trips-reinstall that spare.

    Spares are plenty heavy.
    My steel 235/75 15 weighs 57 lbs- a tiny compact spare is probably 20-30 lbs( 1%).

    I pulled my third row- 78 lbs- part of the second row-about 55 lbs-some of the carpet and padding( 20 lbs) but mainly because of a leak that constantly soaked it(roughly 3% of the vehicle weight).I left the spare in place- (it is a road trip vehicle) and our roads are strewn with building debris-screws and roofing nails.I plug tires about 6 times per year on the two vehicles.

    Yes,I bet there is some weight loss there.Maybe a CF hood-light weight battery-spare tire removal -maybe the passengers seat-carpet/padding. I would bet the wheels are pretty light already, so probably too expensive to find lighter ones.
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    Nobody hates your car,,, much less the CRZ over all. Just some of us wanted more. And if anybody could produce it. Honda could have. I hoped for and prayed for Honda to make this car the new/old ricer dream. I wanted the car to define a new class of hybrid. In the hands of mpg fans, great numbers while driving a skate that could go evil in a heart beat. I know you understand small evil with your Mini's.

    I see nothing in CRZ that matchs Mini in CRZ as a drivers car. There is dynamite found in small cars. And I will share with you. I'm waiting to see if I can get my hands on a Fiat Abarth 500 SS. I was willing to give hybrid a shot with CRZ. Hell I could go buy a 200 mph Vette dirt cheap. Chevy dealers are such push overs. But I held out hope. If I wanted a hot rod hybrid boat. I could be happy with a Accord hybrid. And blow its epa numbers out of the water. 7th gen Accords coast for ever! :)

    I will tell ya. I wanted a new updated R-18 hybrid crammed into a CRX class car. Big brake Honda kits, Sway bars that didn't look like bad spaghetti. IMA and a freaking battery pack worth talking about. A great 6MT! A dash so well thought out one never had to look at it to make anything work that has a control attached to it. A cock pit!!!!! A new Navi system truly worth the cost of admission, simple, plain and functional. And I wanted Honda's spot on work with it multi-link, on both ends. I wanted a car slotted in between Civic Coupe and Civic Si Coupe and cheap like a Fit/Insight in presentation. A car the defined a class, a idea.

    I expected a benchmark. And I don't think we got it..................... We got a modern college boy marketing car fix it Honda. Not a market defining Honda. I now see ruts Honda has beat deep in there motorcycles.
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    I bought a Gen 1 Insight...heres why I did. Posted on "InsightCentral" a few weeks ago.

    I was very set on purchasing a CR-Z about a month ago. I had done my research, I liked the look of the car and the techy feel to the interior. Then I test drove it....

    I took a CR-Z for a 45 mile test drive on back roads and the highway. It rides very nice, almost to nice...soft. The rear end swayed around terrible, Im sure a sway bar would fix this. I just didnt feel like I was in a sporty car. Yes it looks sporty for sure, great lines in the body. When in econ mode, it was lifeless. I understand that econ is for fuel savings, but it went beyond saving to the point of almost dangerous as drivers behind me became quite agitated. So I quickly would go back to "normal" mode. The shifter was awesome, so smooth and predictable and the interior is top notch feeling and looking. But the largest issue I was dealing with was the poor mpg. I have reviewed Wayne's test drive of the CR-Z on CleanMPG and he achieved 65-70 mpg, but thats with the best of the best hypermiling. Most are achieving about 45-50mpg and really having to work at it.

    So yesterday I decided I would go and test drive an '06 Insight and if it didnt "feel" like the right car for me I would go buy a CR-Z. Well the Insight was everything I wanted!!! It was a stiffer ride and understandably a lighter feel than the CR-Z. It actually handled very well. I had expected to be bouncing around a lot more with such a light car on poor Michigan roads. Road noise was very good at 75 mph and it was a windy day driving home. I didnt have any issue with keeping it straight on the highway, even with the worn out tires at 50PSI. It was comfortable and the interior was laid out plain...not to fancy, just the basics to give me the info I wanted, along with some nice creature comforts like power windows and cruise ( added of course). Biggest decision maker was the mpg I was achieving. I managed 60.1 mpg for 225 miles and I really wasnt paying much attention to the mpg gauge. I just drove it like most of my other cars, a little hypermiling here and there but not all the time. I never once felt like I needed more power or that I was agitating other drivers when I took off from a stop light, and I even passed another vehicle on a two lane road with ease!

    So the Insight was a better decision for me. It does what I wanted, gets me from point A to point B with decent comfort, high mpg, and has a sporty feel to it. The CR-Z doesnt raise the bar for vehicles or hybrids, in my opinion.
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    Welcome to the Insight family! I notice you purchased the CVT version -- how do you like the transmission?
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    I feel great to have the Insight. The trans has been great so far. I never feel it shift, from low to high. Still kinda bizarre to drive. I keep waiting for the up shift at 12-15mph, 25mph, 40mph, etc, like most cars. I am averaging 80mpg if I keep my speed around 45mph...incredible.:Banane01:
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    I see that no one has been on this thread for quite awhile. What ever happened to the CR-Z MT6 vs CVT event! I own a CR-Z CVT and hear alot of good things about the MT6, so would be very interested in hearing about a first hand true comparison... Is there anyone out there who knows?... I can be patient! :rolleyes:

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