Honda Is Entrusting CleanMPG With the 6-speed CR-Z For A Week :D

Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by xcel, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Lee Moon

    Lee Moon Member

    The 10th gen Civics are incredibly cool cars. So glad you got the hatchback, Markus!

    It's rare that I ever see another CR-Z. Someone had a blue one in our neighborhood, but I haven't seen it in a couple of years. I try not to pee myself when I see one on the road! LOL.
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  2. BillLin

    BillLin MASS: 2018 Bolt EV and 2017 Prime

    Hey, Lee, you must get awful mileage with SEALAB on your roof. ;) (optical illusion/impression at a glance at the small picture)
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  3. BillLin

    BillLin MASS: 2018 Bolt EV and 2017 Prime

    I occasionally see a blue CR-Z on my short commute through town...
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  4. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    Even though I drive ~100k mi/yr, I hardly ever see these. They're as rare as a Chevy SS, or an Audi A8 for that matter. interesting little cars, I almost wish they fit my needs.
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  5. Bitochen

    Bitochen New Member

    I finally got my interior rear view mirror adjusted properly. When I bought the car, I noticed that the mirror was too low and even angled as high as it would go, I couldn't see out the back without ducking down a bit. Initially, it didn't seem like the arm the mirror is attached to could be adjusted. I looked at the mirror more closely today and saw that it did look like the arm should be adjustable. So I applied a bit more force to it today and was able to carefully adjust the arm so that the mirror is up at the height I need it at. I should have look more closely at the mirror the day I bought it but that's what I did today.
    Regards Bitcohen.

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  6. BillLin

    BillLin MASS: 2018 Bolt EV and 2017 Prime

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  7. Lee Moon

    Lee Moon Member

    I'm a little embarrassed to share this, but what the heck.
    Since the CR-Z is a mild hybrid according to most folks, I think I'm a mild hypermiler. LOL!
    Using the techniques I've learned here (to varying degrees), this is what I've accomplished during the 7.5 years of owning the CR-Z.
    You can see that I'm not very consistent with my fuel efficiency numbers as a more dedicated hypermiler might be. I bought the car to be efficient and also have fun when the mood hits. The mood hit quite often!
    Many of the fill ups were at the last 1/3 to 1/4 tank, but some were while I still had 1/2 tank remaining due to longer trips/storm evacuations, etc.
    Lifetime MPG stands at 44.46 MPG. My worst tank was 36.27 MPG while on vacation in Tampa, Florida and my best tank was 63.23 MPG while driving around on Jekyll Island, Georgia for a few days.
    I'm pretty happy with what I've achieved with the CR-Z, even if it isn't up to the expectations of the truly dedicated folks here.
    Still loving my little car and all the joy I get from driving it!!
    Thank you for all the support everyone!

    The charts represent data from August 2010 until February 2018. The line chart shows fuel efficiency for every fill up. The bar graph is an unrounded/integer count of how many times I've gotten each MPG.
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  8. BillLin

    BillLin MASS: 2018 Bolt EV and 2017 Prime

    44+ lifetime is fantastic!
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  9. Lee Moon

    Lee Moon Member

    Thank you, BillLin! 44+ MPG even with SeaLab on top. Maybe not! LOL
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  10. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    HI Lee:

    Killer stats!

    I was thinking about taking the shot but skipped it... Just two days ago I saw a CR-Z camber queen piled up on an embankment with its front airbag deployed. The police and tow truck were hauling it away. Apparently the driver miss judged and hit a subdivision turn to fast, slammed on the brakes, rode up a 6" curb, took out a 3" diameter maple, and slid up the embankment. GIven the low ground clearance after his or her suspension mod, I suspect the bottom end was totaled.

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  11. Lee Moon

    Lee Moon Member

    Thank you, Wayne!!

    I've seen a few modified CR-Zs over the years and wondered how practical those with lowered suspensions/extreme camber were. I hope the driver, any passenger, other motorists, passengers, and pedestrians were okay after the accident you saw.

    My CR-Z is still completely stock. As a matter of fact, the dealer never put any add-ons on my car before I bought it. No pin stripes. Not even the dealer logo. I bought it on the first day of sales in the U.S. and asked the salesperson to keep the CR-Z completely free of add-ons. I appreciated the car just the way it was designed and shipped. :)
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  12. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    Funny you mention the dealer logo...I grew up in California where dealers seem to just give you a license plate frame. When I left, I saw all these logos stickied onto cars and thought it was very rude. Then I bought my Civic...still has the original dealer logo on the trunk, albeit nicely patina'd. I find it a bit charming, and it was sort of comforting to know it had been a local car all its life.

    Pinstripes fall off and/or fade. Then the car really looks terrible.
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  13. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Pinstripes = always tacky. Dealerships around here always give you a license plate frame with dealer name on it. After some problems with Toyota of Lombard in 2003 ,
    I took off their frame. No free advertising for those rat bastards. Lee , your 44 MPG for such a fun car is excellent !
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