Detroit 3 up 35.4% over June 2009 - recovering

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    [​IMG] "These results are evidence that our plan is working," said GM Vice President Steve Carlisle.

    [FIMG=LEFT][/FIMG]Brent Snavely - FREEP - July 2, 2010

    Ford may be out of the ICU, but not GM, and Chrysler is still on life support --Ed.

    Even if the U.S. economic recovery continues to sputter and automotive sales gain more slowly than expected, the domestic automakers are well-positioned to ride out the tough market because they have tightly managed their inventories and are offering some hot new products.

    In June, U.S. consumers purchased 983,738 cars and trucks. That was a gain of 14.4% from last June, when overall sales were down 35% as GM entered bankruptcy and Chrysler was just emerging.

    Still, the performance translated into a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 11.1 million -- a decline from May, when it was 11.6 million. The SAAR indicates what sales would total for the year if demand remained constant over 12 months, adjusting for seasonal factors.... [RM][/RM]
  2. Ford is off ICU because its leadership decided to start building high-quality, fuel-efficient vehicles that are reasonably affordable. They also didn't burn the good will of the American people by stealing from them. These two factors make all the difference in the world.
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    Hi All:

    I am a bit worried for all of them. With a possible double dip and after the easy comparison period is over, things are going to look a little less robust.

    This Core Brand stuff at GM is uploading is also very misleading but they will certainly only post those numbers while we have to look at the sales breakouts to see the real story. The sales falloff due to the now defunct Saturn, Pontiac, Saab and Hummer brands are big hits to the number of vehicles GM built and sold along with the hundreds of thousands of employees that were laid off during the carnage. Still, we’ll take an 11.4% increase as it is better than a decrease. I just do not like the spin the GM PR guy placed on it while comparing to a period that saw their worst declines on a percentage basis in over 50-years!

    And then the SAAR. While it was hoped we would be well above 12.5 million earlier this year, that simply has not panned out. I still belie we will see the glory days of 16 + million cars and trucks produced in the future but it may be a while before that level of sales are breached again. The 3 person family with 4 + cars is a thing of the past during this day and age for most.

    Good Luck


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