Futuristic solar cars race through Naperville

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    [​IMG] Stanford Apogee rolls across the finish line first

    [FIMG=LEFT]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/501/Stanford_Solar_Car.jpg[/FIMG]Josh Larsen - SUBURBANCHICAGONEWS - June 26, 2010

    Solar race from Oklahoma to Naperville ends with Stanford University taking the top honors! Is this a future form of conventional transportation? --Ed.

    No, Naperville wasn't invaded by aliens Saturday afternoon.

    Heads turned along Ogden Avenue around 1 p.m. as a series of sleek, futuristic solar cars raced toward the American Solar Challenge finish line at Naperville North High School.

    The first to cross, winning the final stage in a race that began June 20 in Broken Arrow, Okla., was the team from Stanford University.

    "It came down to who could make the lights," said driver Forest Nelson, who tail-gated behind his lead vehicle through yellow lights in order to claim first place. "That's probably not the most legal thing, but I had to do it."

    The teams arrived at Naperville North amid the Naperville Sustainability Challenge, an energy fair featuring eco-friendly vendors and educational displays.

    "I'm thrilled with the turnout," said Kate Schrank, executive director and president of Sustainability Partners Inc., host of the Sustainability Challenge. "The vendors seem to be very happy. People are interested and excited."... [RM]http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com/napervillesun/news/2436100,naperville-solar-cars-race-na062610.article[/RM]
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    Damn Damn Damn DAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!

    I just found out about this!!!! I went to the high school where the finish line was! And its literally 1 mile from here. Did I know this was going to happen? Did CleanMPG tell me? Did Prius Chat? Did Mayor Pradel ? Did the major TV news shows tell me? NOOOOOO!!!!

    Where was I? I was finishing up lunch after taking my oil change oil to the recycling station!!!! They need to fire their publicist there at the ASC!!!!!!

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    I only found out about it from a solar tweeter. It didn't hit the media much.

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