'10 Ford Fusion Hybrid in Austin, TX

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    I just bought my 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid after giving up my 2004 Sonata. My office plans to move into South Austin near the airport, causing my commute to double (currently 15 miles to over 30 one-way). I've always been a little leary of hybrids, but the recent oil spill has convinced me that I need to do more to be economical.

    I've been reading up on the pulse/glide, and it looks intriguing. In the past 4 days, I have been watching my MPG, and using the access roads to be able to reduce my speed, and coasting to red lights, as well as using the battery whenever possible. I know I can do better, and that's how I found your site.

    I like my hybrid. I did get the 502 package with moon roof and premium sound. I do try to keep the A/C at 75, but if my daughter is riding in her car seat, I tend to put it at 70-72.

    Your hyper-miling tutorials seem well thought out, as well as the pulse/glide guide. I look forward to learning a lot here.

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    Welcome Bryan, and what a great car to have! Applying the techniques will take some time, but once you have them down you will be able to reach numbers the manufacturers never dreamt possible. Enjoy the site and be sure to read the helpful articles in said named section.
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    Welcome to the site!! You've picked an excellent vehicle -- the same one I just got my wife into, in fact. :D

    It sounds like you've gotten a good start but don't try to run too far on battery alone -- it costs more in terms of fuel to recharge the battery than you'll use just by driving with the engine. Use the EV mode as an engine off coast and only use it for actual propulsion if there is a nice payoff (such as a good downhill slope).

    Do you have any initial questions? You can find a lot of useful info for new members in the link at the bottom of my signature.
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    My foot is still mighty heavy off of a stop light. Traffic in Austin is heavier than in San Diego (where I used to live), so when I am at a light, there are people behind me. I usually have the engine running to get me up to speed, and I try to just maintain my speed. I try to stay at 60-62, but when traffic is light, I will drop to 55.

    I tried to drive a 2010 Prius, but the size difference between my Hyundai Sonata and the Prius made me feel... unsafe??? So I picked the FFH because it was just as big as my Sonata.

    I use the battery in lower speeds, and on my commute in the morning, I still end up with a full battery. My house is in the "hill country" in NW Austin, so there are a lot of downhill areas in the morning.


    I did get the 6 year/100K warranty, as this was my first hybrid, and I didn't want the battery crapping out and I having to pay for that out of pocket. With the window tinting, gap, 6/100 warranty, payment protection, and remote start, I closed for a little over 36K. Not bad considering...

    I got Sirius (which I don't use, I stream internet radio through my Droid), SiriusLink (local gas prices, theater showings, etc.) free for a year, satnav, all-leather, moon roof, sony stereo, and "911 Assist", which is like OnStar, but free

    The only big issue I've had with the car is that when I use the bluetooth to sync my phone, the bluetooth automatically starts my music player... so I shutoff the bluetooth audio link and use the line-in. it's annoying, but I workaround it...
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    With the FFH it's something I wouldn't be as worried about. You can do a search here and find the articles about the FEH taxi cabs in San Francisco...

    Retired at 300,000 miles (San Francisco law) without any battery replacement required yet.

    Ford has impressed me with the history of their hybrids. They haven't advertised it as much as they could, but it's rather impressive.
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    Well this is where they would need some of GM's marketing strategy. Advertise that the hybrid system has gone through extensive testing and you WILL get 300k miles out of every hybrid without battery replacement and they have the longest lasting battery out of all the hybrids available. Tell everyone that the gm hybrid system is inferior (which it is) and for the finale, drill it home that they paid off all the loan money they owed.
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    Hi Brakeb:

    Welcome to CleanMPG and sorry I did not get to say hello sooner!

    The FFH is one heck of a vehicle as anyone here will attest. As Sean has already supplied, try and stay out of the pack unless it can be taken advantage of. Accelerations from a light up to 15 mph or so and to get through two stop signs or something. In addition, once below 47 mph and the ICE shuts down, drop it into N for the glide. Just before the impediment ahead clears or you have reached your new lower speed target, place it into D and accelerate like you normally would with the ICE running to provide acceleration and shunt any excess to the pack for a later long glide or some EV to get over the top of a hill or accelerate from 0 mph.

    Regarding Austin traffic, it’s easier to deal with than Dallas, LA or Chicago so just run with whatever you feel comfortable with and your numbers will pick up quickly.

    In case you have not already read between the lines, I love your car too :)

    Good Luck


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