This Texas pickup streamlined from Cd 0.44 to Cd 0.25

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Chuck, Jun 14, 2010.

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    [​IMG] "Below 250 miles-per-hour, it's the best shape for a vehicle - an ice-cream cone chopped in half with four wheels on it."

    [FIMG=RIGHT][/FIMG]Jessica Savage - EVWORLD - June 29, 2005

    Why should there be any vehicle on the road with a Cd above 0.40? --Ed.

    While most Americans are paying more than ever to fuel up their cars, one Texas man has found a way to make gasoline out of thin air - by simply modifying the shape of his half-ton pickup truck.

    Using the principles of aerodynamics, Phil Knox's recent additions of an aero-shell, under-belly pan, rear wheel skirts, wheel covers and grill block to his 1994 T-100 Toyota pickup improved his gas mileage by 28 percent over the original highway mileage.

    Building, testing and educating the public about aerodynamics, is part of the mission of Knox's Independence Technological Works - IT works. "I'm trying to verify claims of aerodynamics going back 70 years," the Denton, Texas man said.... [RM][/RM]
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    A couple of rare instances come to mind, but they involve specific applications for specific jobs (construction, fire trucks, other large special equipment).

    Common vehicles should have better than 0.35.
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    This article on Phil Knox's T-100 is the main reason I did some aero-mods to the undercarriage of my Volvo 960. The car comes in at .36 Cd and the worse drag areas were under the car. By cleaning up and covering the dead areas and diverting the air flow under the Independent rear suspension instead of through it and under the rear bumper (acts like a parachute) my highway mileage jumped between 1.5-2.0 mpg at 65 mph.
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    Phil was a regular at EcoModder; don't know if he still is or not.
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    He posted there today.

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