New GM EV concept

Discussion in 'General' started by Armavir, Jan 7, 2007.

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    Hi Armavir:

    ___Thanks for the heads up and we will keep have our eyes open when this concept is released hopefuly today at 12:45 at the GM Media presentation.

    ___Good Luck

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    After the EV1 "tragedy", it now appears that GM may be back on the right track.:flag:
    'Leading edge battery and locomotive (series hybrid) technology!

    I saw the "Volt" on the Today show, and GM claims a 40 mile EV range, and 55mpg average FE beyond.
    That should mean that someone who drives rationally would achieve closer to a 60 mile EV range and 70mpg+ thereafter.

    Wayne, is there any chance that GM would let you test one of these babies for about a week to demonstrate the real possibilities?
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    MSNBC Story

    If it's possible for credibility to go below zero, Spinella is doing it - more to come.
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    The ABC evening news tonight indicated that GM's "VOLT" concept car is not likely to be available to consumers within the next 10 years. :confused:
    Well, that let the wind out of my sails.
    I'm not sure what to believe anymore.
    Perhaps American automakers are continuing to bet on pickup trucks and SUVs for profitabilty in the near term. If so, I believe they will realize the fate of the dinosaurs.:(
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    Tired here. Waynes asleep on my couch.

    Very long problems short, don't expect to ever see this. It was thrown together, and features exotic technology for no reason. (Holographic instrument gauges via lasers and infrared inks). This was something that could've been thought up last week as a stopgap solution to the meda cycles and to capture imaginations and headlines as a concept. (There were multiple references to Who Killed the Electric Car/EV1 happenings and "An Inconvienant Truth" [Direct Quote]; this was all press and no substance. Looking at the specs, many problems emerge.

    I, Wayne, and probably Tom will get into it more later.

    Oh, and a big thing about dualmode that we may be the first to know. (50 KPH EV upper cap; that's right, you can't go faster then 50 Km/Hour in EV mode.)
  7. brick

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    50? kph? Uhh...31mph? is the Vue supposed to be pluggable? I guess you could just run the ICE and use the extra juice to provide supplemental power. But. But. But. Maybe they can fix that.

    The only thing I don't like about the series hybrid thing is what happens when you get into a principally gasoline-based driving cycle. Efficiency declines and I don't know how you would get it back. The average cruise-control driver couldn't do much. Anybody think a HS P&G cycle would be effective with that type of drive train?
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    31 mph? That's it? Say it ain't so! :(

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