Sonata Sales for 2nd Quarter of 2010 Just Increased +1...

Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by MaxxMPG, May 11, 2010.

  1. xcel

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    Hi Karen:

    Excellent end user descriptions and I cannot wait to try that stick out for myself. Must have very short throws only to have to use your fingers in 1 through 4 and if it’s smooth, even better!

    I am going to retweet this thread as it is that good :)

    Thanks again.

  2. Nevyn

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    Top of the 80's could do nicely. The double-climbs up over Nescopeck Mountain and up to Hazleton kind of kill me, and lack of DFCO is a bummer cuz I can't 9999 MPG down. Only manage about 29-31 instead of 37 mpg. :)

    Lots of open parking area up there to work on learning bump-start too. :)

    We'll take full plans over to PMs? Thanks for the color shots.
  3. MaxxMPG

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    "Sonata as an Expression of Art"

    Here are two photos from the collection Karen posted earlier, where the photos show the color flip-flop of the pearlescent paint. Both photos are not retouched, and show the hood and door skins with some fascinating reflections.


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  4. xcel

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    Hi Chris:

    So what is the color of Karen's new Sonata anyway, “Morphed Glass”?

    A different shade depending on the time of day, sun or clouds and the surrounds that reflect off of it!

    Good Luck

  5. MaxxMPG

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    The paint they are using on the Sonata is definitely outside the realm of what you'd expect in a family sedan with value pricing.

    When I was on the back lot at the dealer the other day, I saw three cars parked side by side. All looked black until I stood where the sun highlighted the creases in the sheet metal. One was black, one was pacific blue, and one was plum. Just as the plum uses blue and red to mix up the plum/eggplant hue, the Pacific Blue uses blue and some green to make a different flip-flop color that shifts from blue to green to a dark teal blue.

    The clearcoat has a mirror-like finish that you see above, and the quality of the finish is excellent.
  6. KittyBoodles

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    Ahhh "short throws" - that is the term I was groping for. :) thanks!

    I'm glad to answer any questions you have. I may not know all the terms but I can try to describe things best I can for you.

    I think you will like the car when you get ahold of it. :)


    ETA: I keep forgetting to say this, it still gets me that this Sonata is a full sized car. It feels and handles more like a Coupe, a little 2 door sporty thing. I can't wait until they have a convertible.... ;)
  7. MaxxMPG

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    Karen was chatting with me earlier today. In the last week of driving, she's still above half a tank of fuel. The average MPG is around 37 on the built in aFCD, and she is concentrating on getting the techniques just right for the rolling hills of Northeast PA. She said she was going to fill up just to see how she's doing so far (compare miles/gallons vs dash display). I told her to hold off until it gets closer to 1/4 because if the dealer gave us a short tank and she tops if off, it will show more gallons used and corresponding lower FE number. The first tank is for getting the feel of the car and finding what works with it, using the aFCD as the guideline, and then the real fun starts on the next tank.

    If the new Sonata, with less than 400 miles on it, with stock tire pressure and factory oil, and driven in almost a test-n-try environment, is showing an average of upper 30s on the dash display, I am thinking tank averages of over 40mpg are not far off.

    She is very enthusiastic about the car - from its styling to its interior room and comfort. And she loves the handling and performance, and the smooth clutch and gearshift action. This is already shaping up to be a fun car, and I find that encouraging because the new FE star in our driveway is also the one she will want to drive most often. So much for fuel efficient cars being penalty boxes!
  8. Nevyn

    Nevyn Well-Known Member

    My 04 Elantra is rated 21/29 by the 08 EPA with the automatic transmission. I'm averaging 36-38 MPG. The more efficient engine you get, with the way better transmission, I'd say once it's "set up" for hypermiling averages around 45 will be an easy bet!
  9. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    First fillup this morning. 10.07 gallons, 334.7 miles, 33.237mpg. Since that first tank was "filled" by the dealer, the number of gallons to fill is likely high compared to the actual fuel used. Karen said that the gage did move one pip off full rather quickly when we first got the car, so I think it was not quite full. But at 112.67% of EPA, it is already showing promise. Now the fun begins on tanks we can actually track now that we have a true full tank.

    Karen confirmed that the aFCD did reset itself to zero after filling the tank and starting the car, as it says in the manual.
  10. xcel

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    Hi Chris:

    I formed the Hyundai specific forum this morning so if you see any Hyundai specific threads that I did not move yet, move them over at your leisure.

    I should have asked earlier. Are their two aFCD's or just one?

    And now that Karen is on her own fuel, the clock is ticking to see what its worth now that she has some experience with it :)

    Good Luck

  11. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    There is only one aFCD, and one iFCD. And as mentioned before, you have to scroll through the displays to come back to the one before. And the aFCD will show only tank averages, since it resets when more than 6 liters of fuel are added to the tank. This is not a limitation for us CleanMPG'ers who will have the lifetime FE calculated here as tanks are added. And this-tank-only averages will show a more immediate result of how new techniques affect fuel economy.

    She wasn't too happy about the 33.x average, but I said that the tank was likely not topped off (so gallons in at this fill is probably more than gallons burned), and that this lower than expected result will make the next tank look that much better.

    On another Hyundai forum, people are snapping photos of their aFCD and showing high 30s to low 40s with 6AT equipped cars. And the stick is worth much more, so I am thinking low to mid 40s will be within reach once the car is tweaked and the techniques are nailed down.
  12. xcel

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    Hi Karen and Chris:

    I have not seen the 11 Sonata in person until today. I saw three of them while on I-94/294 up here in Chciago while Marian and I took Scotty to the Doctor this afternoon.

    One was in front of us for about a mile and from the rear; it has a sleek looking HCH-II kind of look. Also, it looks smaller from the rear than the pics I have posted from the media site yet it is by far the largest vehicle in the segment it is competing in.

    I cannot wait to get my hands on one for lengthy drive of my own. Now that I have seen them in person, this hard to nail down exterior appearance is one of its best attractions. It is unlike any other car I have seen yet offers more than any of its competitors. While pointing squarely at the Accord/Camry, it is priced like a Civic/Corolla which again adds to its appeal.

    Just great to finally see one on the road and I hope Hyundai can get the world out that this is one sweet looking and performing ride. If I were Honda/Toyota, Ford/Chevrolet and Mazda/Nissan, I would be worried as this car bests all of their offerings in the exterior appearance category and destroys them on standard equipment, size and amenities for a given price!

    I almost feel embarrassed not to have done any coverage on the 11 Sonata prior to its launch. Which goes to tell all of us how far and fast this company’s offering have come in a very short time.

    Good Luck

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  13. MaxxMPG

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    Results from our first highway trip - about 160 miles - Karen doing all the driving. Temp 82-84F, west winds between 10 and 20mph. We were driving mostly southwest, but as the road curved and we headed into the wind, you could feel the shudder from the gusts.
    These results are simple DWL and DWB - at or under the PSL and no FAS and no fancy Pulse and Glide other than working with the mountains of central PA.


    Getting out on the highway had the aFCD in the low 50s. Toward the end of the trip, lower speeds, traffic lights and traffic obstructions resulting in the aFCD settling at 48.2 at the end of the trip.
  14. Nevyn

    Nevyn Well-Known Member

    Score! I can go for a 45-50 MPG daily commuter that seats five in a pinch....
  15. MaxxMPG

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    Two pictures of the new Sonata on the battlefield at Gettysburg, PA.

  16. Nevyn

    Nevyn Well-Known Member

    The purple is only barely visible in those shots. I'd definitely take that color if we decided to go for one. Or the dark blue. My wife ADORES the color purple, I bet she'd go for it.
  17. Ophbalance

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    I'm just dying to know the tank average on this one. When I told my father-in law about the highway mileage ya'll are seeing on the aFCD, his first comment was "I don't think they know what they're talking about, they're looking at the wrong number" :rolleyes:. I said that I trust that they know what they're talking about... it was the aFCD, not the iFCD. To which the reply was "It'd be all over the news if that were true". Oy. I truly hope I'm not that bull headed once I cross over that side of 50.
  18. MaxxMPG

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    Ok - we have a tank average, and an observation on the aFCD...

    On the way back, near home, we filled up with 11.974 gallons, with 461.7 miles, for an average of 38.56mpg. The trip computer has an elapsed time counter, which works as an engine hour meter. The highway travel amounted to about 40% of the time the engine was running, with the other 60% being stop-n-go in town and crawling along (15mph limit) in the national park.

    Considering the close to 50/50 city/highway mix, the average of 38+mpg indicates that the car must be close to the 48-54 numbers it was displaying for highway FE, since it would need that to offset a city average in the mid to upper 20s.

    Now onto the aFCD... What I found was that it does not seem to track the tank average, but rather how well you've been doing over the last hour or so. When we got it out on the highway, I had Karen reset the aFCD because I knew we were over 50mpg, but didn't know how far over since the iFCD reads only to 50. With the slight hills of I-80 in PA, the number would drift between 45mpg and 60mpg, settling in the low 50s at a speed of 55-60mph. As we got to route 15 (traffic lights and construction zones), it dropped to the 48.2 seen above as we exited the open road.

    Over the next four days of creeping through the ripped-up roads and crawling through the battlefield paths, the average displayed was in the mid 30s. So far so good for an "average", with the low speeds pulling the tank average down by about 12 or so.

    But then we got back on the highway to head home. After about 80 miles, the average was back in the high 40s. The only way to push the average back up by 12 would be if we were getting 70+mpg, or so I would think. When we got to the gas station to fill up, it was just under 50mpg on the aFCD display. That would seem to be our average FE since we started the car and got out on the highway, but not the tank average. The actual measured tank average is over 38, and is not far off where it read the morning we left to come home.

    The "distance to empty" did not correlate with the aFCD, as the gage read almost 3/8 (which would be at least 6 gallons) and was reading roughly 150 miles to empty. And 150/6 is 25mpg as the aFCD was reading almost 50? It makes me think that it is pre-programmed to use "25" as the mpg number rather than using the current calculated FE value.

    I think the next step is to get a scan gage on it to see the real numbers as they unfold on one of these trips.

    Summing up, I have no reason to doubt it's at 50mpg on the highway. I trust that the display is within 1 or 2mpg because there is no way we could have averaged over 38 with all the driving in circles at low speed. For the low speed tourist-town stop/go, we would have been right around EPA city because Karen didn't want to lug an engine with less than 1k on the odometer, so she wasn't shifting up a gear until the engine reached 2000rpm, and she didn't do any FAS or other advanced techniques. Tire pressure is still stock as well.

    Am I happy with the FE number? Well, in the Chevy, we would have had to fill it before leaving to head home, because of the lower FE and smaller tank. This car still had plenty of fuel left and could probably have gone til Friday before filling up again. And this trip involved gusty headwinds getting there, and sidewinds coming home. And the car is not yet set up, and was driven with gentle no-lug shifting, and only basic techniques. And we still slaughtered the EPA with it.

    I don't have enough experience with Hyundai engines to know how long it takes them to loosen up and what sort of increase results. But the car's daily driving involves a higher percentage of highway-only driving, and is already closing in on the goal of 40mpg tank averages, so it will be fun to see how far we can push it when it's broken in and tweaked for better efficiency.
  19. xcel

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    Hi Chris:

    I am actually sadden to hear that the aFCD is a near term averaging display vs. a full tank or resettable average display but we'll have some good numbers with a ScanGuage-II to digest in less than two weeks.

    Good Luck

  20. MaxxMPG

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    Karen just called in the numbers for the latest tank - 488.2 miles, 14.19 gallons, or 34.4mpg. The aFCD read 34.9 as she stopped at the station, and was showing about 42 on the drive back from the station. I think it is accurate if your drive involves fairly constant traffic and techniques, but it gets thrown off by unusually long runs on the highway followed by prolonged stop and go.

    This last tank involved a lot of single lane construction zones where the traffic is stopped for periods of time, and also a few times getting stuck behind school buses on steep roads, where there is no passing allowed. Both kept the overall average from really standing out, but the Chevy would struggle to average 30 in the same environment with the same techniques. I am certainly not complaining about a full size car that can average over 34mpg in mixed driving with only mild techniques used. And almost 500 miles on a tank, filled when the gage clicked one pip under 1/4 means that 600 mile tanks are something anyone could do without having to really work at it.

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