Sonata Sales for 2nd Quarter of 2010 Just Increased +1...

Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by MaxxMPG, May 11, 2010.

  1. xcel

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    Hi Karen:

    ___Absolutely fantastic write-up of your personal history and experience with the Ford and Dodge and now the new 11 Sonata for the few hundred miles you have been behind the wheel!

    ___The Hyundai Press Fleet manager E-Mailed me a few minutes ago (he is reading this thread as I sent him the link) and would like me to do the Chicago to NY run in Mid-June. I have to do some schedule finagling now ;)

    ___While there, I hope to meet you when I visit Chris and if you are around, we’ll have a lengthy Hypermiling clinic since I too should be accustomed to the Sonata after more than just a few hours in the car by that time :)

    ___Regarding cresting the hill, stay in fifth as that accel while still climbing in 6th is going to hurt if you are that close to the shift point. In fact, you may want to allow a little droop in fifth as you crest and then once over the top and on the way down, immediately up shift as you should not lug when heading back down the other side a few mph below where you would normally up shift. A lot of techniques are available in rolling hills and the best FE comes from those with 50 to 200' elevation delta's. Advanced techniques apply for the very best FE of course.

    ___Finally, I think its time to add a Hyundai forum as we have quite a few stories on them. Remind me later tonight and I will be gin the process of moving everything over.

    ___Good Luck and again congrats on the new ride. Its “fricken awesome, aint it”!

  2. KittyBoodles

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    Hi Wayne :)

    Ahhhh okay, that is what I wanted to do - what felt 'right' to do. I just wanted to make sure what I felt was the correct thing to do! Thanks!

    I really hope I can be there to meet you in June! It would be great to learn from the best. :)

  3. xcel

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    Hi Karen:

    ___I would place Andrew and Sean in the "Best" category as they get to drive their sticks to outrageous fuel economy every day of the week... I am just a poser hypermiler that puts a target on a new car, truck or motorcycle in order to find out what it can do :D

    ___Good Luck

  4. MaxxMPG

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    What I would like to see - and it will have to wait at least six months - is the Battle of the Sonata FE competition. That would be a comparison of the upcoming Sonata hybrid to the Sonata 6MT driven properly. I showed Karen the glass roof of the hybrid and the Blue Drive display, and it looks like we could end up with the two cars we'd need to hold the competition ourselves.

    If the 6MT, with a rating of 24/35, is already in the mid to upper 30's (and sure to increase), the hybrid's projected 37/39 might just make 1000-mile tanks a sure thing.
  5. xcel

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    Hi Chris:

    ___While I would love to take out the Hybrid "today :D" given the high speed glides without doing anything, I suspect that when both the stick and Hybrid are driven to their respective maximums, the Stick will best the hybrid drivetrain. The only issue is working your tail off in the Stick while watching every nuance of the instruments and calculating best practices on a continuous basis vs. the Hybrid driver who will simply drive merrily on down the road without giving much thought to anything other than DWL around the PSL :)

    ___Good Luck

  6. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Karen, have a look at the post linked below for step by step instructions on bump starting (among other things):

    Re: Looking for Stick Shift hypermiling videos.

    If I'm ever in your area (or you are in mine!) I'd be happy to demonstrate if the procedure is still murky for you after reading through the above. :)
  7. KittyBoodles

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    Thank you Sean!

    I'm glad I waited and will wait to try this, I need more time in the car - especially with my previous MT experience, and I have to work out more numbers and the tach speeds and more clutch-feel.

    Regarding my one real complaint with the Sonata, Okay - apparently I'm not the only one who hates the horn. So much so that I'm going to be making my husband change it. (Seriously)

    Found this (thanks Chris) on another forum -

    ------------------------- copy ----------------------------------------

    In it is the following quote:

    "An example of Hyundai’s lightning reflexes is the horn on the Sonata. It appeared at the media drive program for the car that there was not a horn left on a scooter in Seoul, because Hyundai must have swiped them all for use on the Sonata. Hearing criticism that the bleating horn was an embarrassment to a car as impressive as the Sonata, Krafcik and his team made the decision within weeks to replace the moped-grade hardware with a more appropriate dual-shell unit that will give the car a fuller presence when the owner needs to use the horn."


    There are many times when I have to get an animals attention to scare them off the road or away from the direction of the car. The current horn will not do this. A deer earlier just stopped and stared at me, while the Maxx's horn has sent them running in the opposite direction in the past, or had shocked them into stopping before crossing.

    The other and more important - thing is that the current horn lacks the "oomph" to get a person's attention, especially if they have windows up and/or radio blaring (and possibly even on the phone) To me it's a safety concern, and I'm not one to use a horn much at all ... but when I do, I need an attention - getting noise. (Not to mention that the Sonata looks so sharp, it should not sound like one of those roller-skate cars.)

    Don't get me wrong, I love the car, but this is something that must be changed, either by my dealer or my husband...

  8. Gairwyn

    Gairwyn think green

    quote: "I hope I didn’t bore anyone, and hope that this was somewhat interesting for you all.


    Not at all. I read every page of this thread so far, and I have to say it's been a way better review of a car than one could find in a car magazine.

    Best of luck with your new Sonata, Karen!
  9. Nevyn

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    Welcome and thanks for the info! That was an amazing write-up and very thorough. Maxx and I have talked of this in the past, but I now forget. What part of NEPA do you come down into? If you come down too far, you'll be cutting in on my turf. :D I pointed one out to my wife yesterday while we were out and I'm hoping she'll eventually let me switch up to one of them. Our other vehicle will become a minivan (shudder) out of necessity.
  10. KittyBoodles

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    Thanks for the welcome :) I'm glad you liked the write-up.

    I'm near Mount Pocono sorta near the Pocono Raceway if you follow Nascar. :) I grew up here so we'll have to fight for turf I guess. ;)

    Where are you? (if I can ask?)

  11. Nevyn

    Nevyn Well-Known Member

    Oh, you're "way out there" compared to me. I grew up & still live in the Berwick/Nescopeck/Bloomsburg area. Farthest that I can call "home territory" is Wilkes-Barre.

    I've been out your way on occasion, but never spent any major time in it. Party on... :flag:

    I may be out there occasionally now. New job in Allentown, and I may run out that way and use 476 on occasion. I'd DEFINITELY take that route home one day if I knew your car would be there for me to drool next to.

    Do you have any other pics of it that really show off the purple of the exterior?
  12. KittyBoodles

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    Sometimes I'm near Allentown - Maybe we could meet up for lunch or something, Chris and I will be down your home way some time soon. I'll leave it up to you two to work out the details if we take the Sonata on that trip. Either way we could pick a day and place. Maybe I could get you to teach me the bump start in exchange for wheel time. ;) :woot:

    I'll take some more outside pics to better show off the color, it's so neat, and it appears to change colors on you while you look at it. One second it looks blue, then black, then purple. I'll try to get some over the next couple days when the sun will hit it just right and post back here.

    I have been getting some straaaaaange looks, I tell you - but I can't be sure if it's the styling or the color or both. :)

    BTW, these are most of my favorite 'rides' in the pic below. :)
  13. MaxxMPG

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    Somewhere near "Top of the 80's" - over by the college. About 15 miles or so, and the Crimson Crawler can do that round trip on about 3/4 of a gallon. :)

    Considering it's black & blue and purple, maybe you should change the name tag on the car to "Bruise Sonata" - a play on "Blues Sonata" - a Jazz composition by Charlie Byrd. :)

    It's still so new that few people have seen it even now after three months of brisk sales. Most people who see it guess that it's a Lexus or a Benz. To keep 'em guessing, get a license frame that says "Property of Area 51" "Roswell, New Mexico". Ha!
  14. KittyBoodles

    KittyBoodles Ferocious FeLion

    Top of the 80's would work well. Ha! You'll have to get that, I don't know of anyone who does that here, that would be funny. :)
  15. xcel

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    Hi Karen:

    Cool Sig!

    How are the seats holding out for you regarding their comfort. That drive home was not an issue from start to finish, right? Sightline to blind spots? Wheel to pedal reach after adjustment?

    And hopefully Chris remembered this one. How was the rear seat leg room when the front seat was adjusted for Chris?

    In the manual, is it a 7,500 mile oil change and is there any inordinate amount of maintenance items until 100,000 miles or thereabouts?

    Do you have to cycle through the menu's in one direction and go all the way around or can you cycle forward to the aFCD (average Fuel Economy display) and back to the iFCD (Instantaneous Fuel Economy display) and forward again to the aFCD? Many cars today will only allow you to cycle forward so you have to tap the info (or whatever it is on the Sonata) button about 5 to 8 times to cycle all the way through the menu's to get back to the one you were looking at previously.

    Does that small display wash out in different angles of sunlight. It looks deep black w/ white lettering so I doubt it is ever problematic.

    Does the transition from gear to gear feel "notchy" (kind of like it does not want to go unless moved in straight lines and 90 degree angles to go into the next or previous gear) or is it buttery smooth.

    When you described the steering, was it very light at parking lot speeds and picked up "feel" (a bit more torque needed on the wheel) at higher speeds or is it really light from 0 mph all the way to 65 mph?

    Thanks in advance

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  16. KittyBoodles

    KittyBoodles Ferocious FeLion

    Hi Wayne,

    I will answer your questions in a bit, also please stand by for pictures of the multi-color effect.
  17. KittyBoodles

    KittyBoodles Ferocious FeLion

    What color is it?

    Larger photos are available on request.











    All taken at the same time of day, just a few steps over from each other. :)
  18. MaxxMPG

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    Re: Rear seat. My legs fit fine in the rear, even with the front seats back quite a ways. Headroom is tight, though, and I had to slouch a bit. An extra inch of headroom would be welcome, but I am taller than average.

    I have the pdf of the owners manual so I can answer the maintenance questions.

    Normal maintenance (severe service intervals roughly half), with "inspect" items left out. Only change/replace mentioned.
    Every 7500 or 12mo - Oil & Filter
    Every 15000 or 12mo - cabin air filter
    Every 30000 or 24mo - replace engine air filter, replace engine coolant (after 60k miles, eg; 90k, 120k, 150k, etc)
    Every 60000 or 48mo - replace coolant (see above - good for 60k, then every 30k thereafter)
    Every 75000 or 60mo - inspect MT fluid (replace MT fluid if severe service)
    At 105000 - replace spark plugs
    At 120000 - inspect valve clearance (states "inspect for excessive tappet noise and/or engine vibration and adjust if necessary")
    At 120000 - inspect fuel filter and fuel tank air filter (states they are considered to be maint-free but inspection is recommended due to varying fuel quality.)
    The automatic transaxle fluid is "no check, no service required". For severe service, change every 60k.
  19. ILAveo

    ILAveo Well-Known Member

    That seems pretty long. It makes me curious about their fuel filtering system. Specifically, I wonder if there is an unusual screen/filter on the inlet for the fuel pump.
  20. KittyBoodles

    KittyBoodles Ferocious FeLion

    Hi! thanks :)

    The seats are incredibly comfortable for me, and this is an amazing thing in itself, with my disability, sitting (standing, etc) in any one position for more than 10 minutes starts the nerve damage singing. A tiny bit of shifting in the seat does take care of this for the most part, and it's no fault of anything other than my back. I can tell you that Chris had a Saturn sedan and I was miserable in it no matter where I sat. I was very surprised after 140 miles that I could get up and out. To me, the seat does not push into your spine area, and does not have a bulge in the lumbar area, they are not hard but firm, and has enough cushioning for support all across my back. One issue I have with most cars is the part that the back of your thighs rest on, and the seats in the Sonata have very good support there without putting pressure on that area either up or down (which alters your back and spine). If you can think of me as the Princess in the fairy story "The Princess and the Pea" ; you'll have a good idea of what I can feel and how the littlest thing can cause pain. These seats are so comfortable that I did not want to get out of the car! I don't know what they did right, but they did it perfectly.

    I can reach everything, and I mean every knob, dial, shifter, button and so on when seated. Unless I drop something on the floor of the passenger seat side, I'm good. If you've ever sat in the cockpit of an aircraft, you will appreciate that you can get to everything you need to when seated and driving.

    There are very little blind spots on this car, (I know, all cars have them) but in the Sonata they are very minimal... in fact the pillars (I think they are called A Pillars?) are thinner and I don't have to physically move to see around them on the front 1/4 of the visibility area. The windshield and side windows are big and wide, and the rear window is also big, allowing you to see the bottom corners better than in other cars. The bigger mirrors allow a lot of visibility around the car as well, and when positioned correctly you hardly have any 'real' blind spots. The pillar behind your head and left shoulder is also "thinner", so when you turn to shoulder check, you get a really good view without having to really turn your upper body. (A real plus for me!)

    Wheel to pedal reach - I'm still kinda working on which "seat click" is better for me. I tend to sit farther back in the Maxx and the Lebaron, but in the Sonata I find I'm sitting one to two more clicks forward so that I can fully clutch without stretching my left leg. I think that is a personal choice however, as what could be a "normal stretch" to you or anyone without a back/left leg injury, can be painful to me. Either way I find that it is very comfortable and the clutch is not too far out. (forward) if that makes sense? If I could make any changes to the clutch at all, I would move it left about one inch. But that is a personal thing.

    I'll let Chris answer these for you as the manuals are in the car and he has the pdf file, I don't want to give wrong information. It does not however, have an oil life monitor, which I personally love in the Maxx. So I'll just have to be careful on mile tracking for that.

    This annoys me slightly. Yes, you have to scroll though everything to get back to what you were on. It does move quick and once you get the count down, you can get back to whatever display you want fast enough. One thing I would change here is to either: have an option to show two displays at the same time, say the instant and average split level, and if they could add one more button/display for the odometers A, B and Total, plus time traveled (in hours and minutes) to keep those out of that loop, that would be good. Split those up.

    I have not have any trouble in any light seeing the display, it did not wash out.

    Okay, this is the cool thing, I don't know if I can describe it accuratly but here goes; I know what you mean by "notchy" and no, it does not feel that way to me. It's rather smooth. I find that when in "neutral" it kinda... more in the easy position for 1 and 2... meaning, when you are in neutral you don't feel like if you lift straight up you will go into 3rd. Does that make sense? You naturally 'feel' 1, then pulling down is an easy 2, going to 3rd is easy from there, you won't fight to find 3rd... then it drops easily into 4th. The cool part is where 5 and 6 are, when you gently pull up from 4th just move over slightly to the right (you'l feel the stop) up to 5th then straight down to 6. When in 4th and you want to go to 5, it's just a slight move up (into Neut) then right and then up. You won't be double thinking that you are back in 3rd - Its got a real smoooooooooth feel. The shifter does not "pull" in any way, and is very, very solid in your hand.

    You can easily feel where you need to be, and do not need to do the "pull, up, over, up" deliberate movement thing, feeling for the "ratchety" points.

    I've had MT's where you had a lot of play between the gears and this is not one of them, very little movement is needed to get to the gear you want, you can move the shifter with your fingers pretty much in 1-4, and a slight wrist movement will give you 5 and 6, you don't need to move your whole arm.

    To me, it was very light and 'airy' at all speeds, it does get looser at higher speeds it does not bog down like some other cars feel when you get slow. One-handed steering is quite easy at all speeds, especially when you need to really turn while shifting.

    Does this help?

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