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    Hi! I am Kellie Gibson. I am a wedding and beach portrait photographer in wilmington, nc. I use my 2003 toyota camry as my office! I am an on location photographer, which means i drive up to two hours to do a shoot. I get good gas mileage, but i am always eager to learn more!
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    Welcome to the board Kellie.

    I removed your business link because we don't allow links to commercial businesses.
    If you would like to advertise on the site the owner Wayne (Xcel) would be the person for you to talk to.

    Hopefully Kellie we can help you improve your fuel mileage through many tried and tested techniques we have learned over the years.
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  3. LinuxGold

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    I am using Toyota Camry 1993 (6 cylinders). What cylinder is your Camry running on?
  4. Chuck

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    Strange - four days later and no follow-up on her Camry. ;) ;) ;)
  5. LinuxGold

    LinuxGold Hypermile to the finest

    I'm disappointed!!! I'm a Camry fan, seeking for more Camry hypermilers... :(

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