Brick's 2007 Toyota Prius II

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    My Ride.

    Brick’s 2007 Toyota Prius II.

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]Tim Smith - - Dec. 22, 2006

    After building and honing my FE skills in a 5-speed Accord Coupe, I saw fit to take advantage of the momentary decline in hybrid sales to upgrade. Enter: 'The Warp Wagon'. This is by far the most versatile and satisfying vehicle I have owned. Oh, and fuel efficient!

    The real test of my 2007 Toyota Prius was driving three people plus myself to lunch in relative comfort the day after I bought her, a chore with my previous 2-door vehicle. I get a real kick out of taking passengers, as they are always impressed by the fact that we're getting on the order of 55mpg while sacrificing nothing in terms of comfort and convenience. And there's always the MFD and its fuel economy displays in case anyone gets bored.

    This is the perfect car for me in terms of raw fuel efficiency, too. All of the techniques that I used in the Accord are available in the Prius but requiring only 1/3 the effort. Literally anyone can train his or her right foot to eke out respectable fuel economy numbers if only they have the willingness to try. In my opinion there is absolutely no substitute for a hybrid vehicle like this!

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    Thought I would add a pic of my cockpit now that I have settled in with what is currently my full complement of equipment. XM radio for entertainment, ScanGauge to give me a little more info about what's going on under the hood.


    The ScanGauge is very useful, even though the Prius comes standard with its own excellent displays. The one thing the Prius doesn't always tell you is when the engine is idling, which the ScanGauge does know through its RPM and fuel flow readouts. I also like to keep an eye on engine temp at this time of year (supposedly New England winter, though it was 66F today.) The ScanGauge also gives me a few more trip computers so that I can reset the MFD to my heart's content and not lose track of my tank fuel economy. Or, if I forget to reset the MFD at the beginning of a trip, the ScanGauge automatically resets the "Current" trip computer so that I can see how I did. It has a little bit of trouble keeping up with all of the engine start/stop behavior in a Prius but is generally within a few MPG above or below what the MFD says.

    Not pictured is the Coastal EV mode dongle, which allows me to disengage the ICE by toggling the cruise control stock under specific conditions. That piece is installed entirely behind the dash trim. I just put it in this afternoon and already see quite a bit of potential if I can learn to use it properly.
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    Here's a thought on SG positioning: I have mine on the dash just to the left of the MFD, secured with two strips of Velcro. I wanted it where I didn't have to shift my line of sight far from the road to see it. It was not a conscious decision to enable rapid visual shifting between the SG, speedometer, and MFD, but it turns out this location makes that ideal, while, again, minimizing how far I take my eyes off the road. And that ability helps me monitor some of the rapid-fire changes occurring in the ICE and hybrid system, notably RPM and energy consumption on the MFD.

    A bit of a digression: When Hobbit, VaBeachPrius, Skwyre7, and I met for dinner during Hobbit's stop in VA Beach, we talked about maintaining 1700 RPM. (Hobbit alluded to that in his thread, with more info forthcoming. Can't wait!) This is what I've been striving to do during cruising and slow acceleration, even before meeting Hobbit. As I'm sure you've discovered with the SG, even small changes in pedal input will quickly and significantly alter engine speed. The SG has been invaluable in helping me moderate pedal changes and relating them to vehicle speed and hybrid system changes. As I told the folks in VA Beach, RPM has become the most valuable piece of information the SG provides me.

    And back to the original point: The location I chose seems ideal to allow me to easily monitor it and the car's instrumentation together to, among other things, maintain optimal driving efficiency.

    As an aside, your Roady is exactly where I had mine mounted (until I recently installed an integrated unit). Great minds .... :)
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    Jim- Thanks for your input on the ScanGauge location and useage. I think you are probably right about moving it up to the dash. I initially wanted to keep it "out of the way" since I wasn't sure just how much I would want to use it. As it stands I try to ignore it except for the occasional glance. Fortunately I have an extra set of DualLock strips to give a more prominent location a try. In the Accord it sat directly in front of me on the dash until I got to the point that I didn't feel the need for constant feedback.

    1700RPM, eh? I'm going to have to investigate this. Thanks for the tip!
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    i'm curious to know is that the sweet spot for this ZFE15 engine?

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