35.5 mpg by 2016? Meet the Super 99 today

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    [​IMG] A quick sort reveals 99 vehicles that meet the 2016 CAFÉ spec today…

    [fimg=right]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/501/2010_BMW_335d_in_the_Alps2.jpg[/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - April 3, 2010

    2010 BMW 335d, North America’s most fuel efficient performance sedan, starts at $43,950, runs 0 to 60 in 6.0 seconds and is rated at 27 mpg combined per the EPA (36 mpg per CAFE’).

    With the DOT/EPA’s recent announcement that the US light duty fleet will need to achieve 35.5 mpg by 2016, we were offered the opportunity to see what this actually means to the American consumer. While most CleanMPG’ers know CAFÉ’ standards are based on unadjusted pre-1985 Fuel Economy ratings which vastly overstate Fuel Economy ratings displayed and required on every new automobile sold within the US, how does the US automobile fleet actually fare?

    What we did was sort the entire list of vehicles available within the US that meet this mythical 35.5 mpg CAFÉ’ standard today. The result? 99 different makes and models of today’s, safest and most fuel efficient automobiles not only meet the standard but in one case, actually doubles it! If you believe this means just subcompact fuel misers, think again as there is one performance sedan, a number of 2 and 4WD SUV’s and mid-sized sedans with conventional, hybrid and diesel power trains. If your needs cannot be met by the light duty vehicles listed below, consider the consequences.

    While our politicians continue with the edict that they are fighting for the “American People”, the reality of today’s automobiles from a number of US, European and Asian manufacturers alike appears to be far beyond these politico’s basic understanding. What it shows is the men and woman within our executive and legislative branches are “pulling the wool over your eyes” when it comes to meaningful fuel economy increases and the need to stop funding “the terrorist” we have spent $Trillions of dollars to stop.

    Just the facts, Ma'am. Nothing but the facts

    In 2008, we (the US) consumed 19.5 Million Barrels of Crude oil per day to sustain our lifestyle and economy. Unfortunately, the US lost its ability to self support its oil consumption habit back in the midst of WWII and since then, has only slid further back into the abyss of oil dependence. Given US domestic oil production peaked in 1970, the problem has only got worse. As of 2008, the US imported 57% of its (our) daily needs. Of the 19.5 Million barrels we consume on a daily basis, 11.1 Million of those barrels are imported.

    At the time of this write-up, Crude Oil costs as much as $85 per barrel which means we are paying upwards of $900 Million dollars per day to “others”. Some sour crudes are less costly to import but we can expect to see a lot higher than $85 per barrel as time passes. Over a year’s time, $85 per barrel equates to over One-third of a Trillion US Dollars or $1,100 for each man, woman and child who are citizens of the United States heading across our borders so that we can drive whatever meets our wants of the moment.

    Maybe it is time to “take the message” to the streets in our own standard fashion with a standard guide. Let the consumer decide if he or she wants to continue to fund those that want to kill us, our friends, our families and US citizens everywhere, expedite our demise with a balance of payment crisis as we send that third of a $Trillion US Dollars to others in order to support “our drug habit” and finally emit whatever amount of CO2 we want simply because we can.

    May we present to you, the Super 99!

    While the 2010 list contains a number of vehicles that may not be available today including Pontiac’s and Saturn’s, a number of near equivalent vehicles with different drivetrains and vehicles that have yet to be included in the list including the available 11 Hyundai Sonata and future 2011 models that will easily break 35.5 mpg per CAFE, the fact that today’s list contains exactly 99 vehicles that meet the 2016 - 35.5 mpg standard per the DOT’s CAFE’ standards is quite interesting.

    The Super 99

    RankMakeModelEngine displacement (Liters)CylindersTransmission08 EPA Combined (mpg)CAFÉ standards Combined (mpg)
    2HondaCIVIC HYBRID1.34Auto4258.8362
    3HondaINSIGHT LX1.34Auto 4157.6633
    4HondaINSIGHT EX1.34Auto4157.4322
    5FordFUSION HYBRID2.54Auto 3954.1846
    6MercuryMILAN HYBRID2.54Auto3954.1846
    7Smartfortwo (CABRIOLET)1.03Auto3649.5029
    8Smartfortwo (COUPE)1.03Auto3649.5029
    9LexusHS 250h2.44Auto 3547.273
    10NissanALTIMA HYBRID2.54Auto3446.7098
    11VolkswagenGOLF TDI2.04Auto3446.1981
    12VolkswagenJETTA TDI2.04Auto 3446.1981
    13AudiA3 TDI2.04Auto 3446.1981
    14VolkswagenJETTA SPORTWAGEN TDI2.04Auto3446.1981
    15ToyotaCAMRY HYBRID2.44Auto 3445.9416
    16VolkswagenGOLF TDI2.04Manual3445.7021
    17VolkswagenJETTA TDI2.04Manual3445.7021
    18VolkswagenJETTA SPORTWAGEN TDI2.04Manual3445.7021
    19FordESCAPE HYBRID2.54Auto3244.1352
    20MazdaTRIBUTE HYBRID FWD2.54Auto3244.135
    21MercuryMARINER HYBRID FWD2.54Auto3244.1352
    29HyundaiACCENT BLUE1.64Manual3140.8299
    32LexusRX 450h3.56Auto3040.3557
    36ChevroletAVEO 51.64Manual3039.9887
    39PontiacG3 (5 DOOR)1.64Manual3039.9887
    44ChevroletCOBALT COUPE2.24Manual2939.31
    45ChevroletCOBALT XFE COUPE2.24Manual3039.31
    47PontiacG5 GT2.24Manual2939.31
    48PontiacG5 XFE2.24Manual3039.31
    49ChevroletCOBALT SEDAN2.24Manual2939.31
    50ChevroletCOBALT XFE SEDAN2.24Manual3039.31
    53Scion xD1.84Auto2939.2527
    55HyundaiELANTRA BLUE2.04Manual 2939.2326
    56LexusRX 450h AWD3.56Auto2939.1515
    58MiniCooper S1.64Manual2938.8644
    59MiniCooper S Convertible1.64Manual2938.8644
    60MiniClubman S1.64Manual2938.8644
    61FordESCAPE HYBRID 4WD2.54Auto2938.8165
    62MazdaTRIBUTE HYBRID 4WD2.54Auto2938.8165
    63MercuryMARINER HYBRID 4WD2.54Auto2938.8165
    65ChevroletMALIBU HYBRID2.44Auto2938.5776
    66NissanVERSA1.64Manual 2938.2701
    70ToyotaMATRIX1.84Manual 2837.8186
    77ChevroletAVEO 51.64Auto2837.467
    79PontiacG3 (5 DOOR)1.64Auto2837.467
    81SuzukiSX4 SEDAN2.04Auto2837.2125
    85MiniJohn Cooper Works1.64Manual2837.1126
    86MiniJohn Cooper Works Clubman1.64Manual2837.1126
    87MiniJohn Cooper Works Convertible1.64Manual2837.1126
    91ToyotaCOROLLA MATRIX1.84Auto2836.8671
    92SaturnVUE HYBRID2.44Auto2836.725
    93BMW335d Turbo Diesel3.06Auto2736.0078
    96ChevroletCOBALT COUPE2.24Auto2735.858
    98ChevroletCOBALT SEDAN2.24Auto2735.858
    99PontiacG5 GT2.24Auto2635.858

    19 hybrids, 8 diesels and 72 conventionally powered automobiles that meet tomorrow’s fuel economy requirements today.
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    Fantastic list!!!

    Very useful for comparing potential gas mileage differences among cars. For example there is a 0.38 mpg difference between a Versa manual and automatic. There is a 3.42 mpg difference between a Cobalt manual and automatic.

    Show how superior the Prius design is in comparison to all other cars in the world. They should put this information in one of their ads.
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    We're number 1! (And number 54).

    To summarize: subcompacts, compacts, compact crossovers, hybrids up to and including mid-size, diesel cars and the Escape Hybrid already meet the standards. I'm guessing the future BEVs will also meet the standards.

    However are they going to manage it?
  4. noflash

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    I still think the general population has no idea about the difference between the epa and cafe mileage. From that perspective a lot of people could be disappointed.

    Still it's a positive step forward.

    Cheers, nf
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    Hypermiling is just nuts and will soon be outlawed in most states. End of discussion.

    Interesting selection on the Super 99 list. People should consider the EPA just approved E15 to be sold as gasoline in the US. The energy density of ethanol is considerably less than gasoline so your mileage is about to drop.

    I will suggest you remove all the non-diesel engine powered cars on the Super 99 list and start thinking biodiesel as the only viable transportation future for the US. When we achieve B100 in the coming years, MPG really doesn't make that much difference.

    Are you driving your last gasoline powered car?
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    Hi etcgreen:

    Following the speed limits will be outlawed in most states? You are both misinformed and nuts at the same time. Please look up the definition of hypermiling as I coined and defined it. Once you do, you will find that you are the one running around like a chicken missing a head or possibly worse, head in the sand.

    Since you are new here, maybe you need to begin with a read of the hundreds to thousands of stories on Ethanol in all its forms to “catch up” as we know a little bit more about it than the EPA’s recent tentative approval of E15.

    And then the B100 question… Not in any diesel made today. In addition, most B100 certified producers are barely surviving due to cost to produce. B100 is not the answer either but diesel can extend the period before we reach peak oil so that the electrification of the automobile can be achieved in mass.

    PS: Welcome to CleanMPG but you stumbled severely when introducing yourself in post #1. I hope you hang around and learn a few things before going off half cocked and looking “uninformed” to put it mildly.

    Good Luck

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    So this is how you make friends and influence people - by coming in as a complete stranger and attacking? Is that what salesmen, PR professionals, etc do? ;)

    I'd suggest you elevate your tact well beyond spammers and trollers if you hope to win people to your point of view.

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