2006 HCH II/Tire Pressure:

Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by tigerhonaker, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. tigerhonaker

    tigerhonaker Platinum Contributor

    Hi Everyone;

    I just took tbaleno's (Tom) & Xcel's (Wayne) advise and adjusted the tire pressure on my, now 300 mile 2006 HCH II.

    I had it on, When-Checked Again, "42-44" Lbs. I just reset the tire Pressure to 50 1/4 Lbs. on all 4-Tires.

    If anyone is interested in how this effects the ride or handling (IMO) {In-My-Opinion}. I will be glad to do another Post here and let all know what I think about running the tires at this New-Increased-Tire-Pressure.

    Along with (IMO) any noticable Increase in "MY" FE numbers.

  2. tarabell

    tarabell Well-Known Member

    I just upped my pressure also.

    I had all tires at 38psi just 4 weeks ago. But when I checked yesterday they had somehow dropped to 35. I increased them all to 40 today. I can feel the ride is a little firmer but don't mind it. I think going up to 45 in a couple weeks should be no problem.

    Also going to watch my mileage a little differently because of the "63 mile bug". I'm going to reset Trip A twice a day for each 20 mile trip to work and back, and note my mpg after each trip. That should give me an idea if I used FE skills effectively for that trip and give me a baseline to try and beat for the next day.

    Then, use the Trip B odometer just to record miles driven on each tank.
  3. tigerhonaker

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    That is what I am trying to do as well. I am using the trip "A" for daily use and using Trip "B" for the Tank as you have mentioned. So we shall see how this goes. In my case adjusting the tire pressure to 50 Lbs. was No-Big deal because the roads here are pretty smooth.

    I will be curious to see if I notice any difference in FE numbers though. I think at best it would be little gain. In my driving situation the traffic and stop lights will make the FE numbers at best low. So I am hoping that just maybe the Increased tire pressure will make up for some of the Negatives on my commutes.

  4. Don

    Don Member

    I'd like to know how your FE goes with the increase in tire pressure. Have you posted your mileage in the GH database? I use my Trip A for daily use. I use Tpip B to do the tanks, but I've never changed it since I got the car. I then do a composite miles/gallons to get my lifetime mpg and compare it to what trip B says. So far I'm within .9mpg after 7 tanks.
  5. tigerhonaker

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    Hi Don,

    I have to tell you that I thought you had left this Forum and went back just to GH. This is not a Negative remark. I am just mentioning it because here you are back. I am glad to see that you are staying here in touch. Nice to here from you.

    I have not Posted my mileage on GH and I doubt that I will. I think truthfully that this is my {Main-Home}.

    I have not taken the time yet to do a Thread on this, but Xcel (Wayne) came down to my home on his way to Florida. He went to the Sebring races there and met up with some other members from this site and GH. Don, I can tell you this that this Guy really knows what he is talking about, when it comes to increasing one's FE. Wayne and his wife (Marian) and me and my wife (Cathy) all went to supper the evening they stopped by. He rode with me on the way to supper and shared some of his FE Ideas and Suggestions with me on the way to supper. He drove my HCH II on the way back to our home and showed me by "Example" what he talks about on the Threads. I can tell you he is not just Blowing Hot-Air. He is the real McCoy.

    I could go into great detail on his different ways to increase ones FE, but I think it would be in poor taste to kinda {Steal} the Glory from him. He is putting together a Thread to explain his Methods and Tbaleno is working with him behind the Scene to put this FE thing together for Everyone. It makes No-Difference what the person drives, Xcel's FE methods still apply.

    Don, I am explaining this to you so you can maybe see why I have decided to Make this my {Main-Home.} Wayne (Xcel) and Tbaleno (Tom) are really putting everything they know and their personal driving experience's they have proven into this Forum. I feel very proud to be part of this with them. GH, on the other hand is now just Big Business and after 1-Yr. goes by, Jason will be (IMO) less and less Involved in GH. Jason has the rest of his very young life in front of him and GH I Hate to say was at best just a Temporary thing to build and Sell off. Nothing wrong with that but just the way it is. I much prefer to be apart of a {Growing} Forum that the owners are personally involved in it on a daily basis.

    I hope that you will come here often and possibly bring others with you if you like what you see and read here. Maybe share with others what this Forum is Truly all about. If you would care to "Share" with us here on www.CleanMPG.com what you like about this Forum and what you would like to see more of, Please-Do. We would certainly welcome your Thoughts.:)


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