Chevy Silverado Hybrid: Good mileage per gallon, but not per dollar

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Right Lane Cruiser, Mar 29, 2010.

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    [​IMG] Truck people don't like the current generation of hybrid trucks.

    [FIMG=RIGHT][/FIMG]Brown - WASHINGTONPOST - March 28, 2010

    Will GM ever get the hybrid truck "right?" --Ed.

    Truck season began the first weekend of spring with dozens of commercial haulers and privately owned pickups rolling along Furnace Road and easing to a stop at the weigh-and-pay station of the I-95 Resource Recovery Facility in Lorton.

    It's one of those euphemistically named places otherwise known as a dump. But the appellation isn't all puffery. Trash at the gargantuan facility is sorted by category -- construction materials, old electronic equipment, building materials, brush and yard waste. Burnable items are used to help generate electricity. Metals are melted and reformed for other purposes. One person's yard waste becomes another person's mulch.

    Most of the trucks doing weekend chores were dumping the detritus of a rough winter -- broken tree limbs, ruined greenery of various sorts and the remains of tree-shattered rooftops.

    It is a seasonal ritual, oddly enjoyable for truck lovers, who often use the occasion to exchange views on truck performance and innovation.

    There were a number of pickup trucks at our designated brush and yard waste site, including other Chevrolet Silverado models old and new, Ford F-Series (the best-selling vehicles in... [RM][/RM]
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    There's a number of diesels on the road today or coming to dealers soon that could easily see 23mpg on the highway. They new ones won't be any cheaper than the hybrid, but have about double the payload & towing capacity, lots more flexibility in options, and will hold value really well.

    The truck version of jetta v. prius doesn't look too good for the hybrid.

    I'm still glad to see GM trying stuff to improve FE, but I'd rather they (and ford and ram) revive plans for a smaller diesel.
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    Yeah, it is a shame that GM killed that 4 liter diesel.Their current Diesels are HUGELY POWERFUL- high 300 hp and 700 lb ft.
    1/2 tons just don't need anything like that kind of power/torque- 200-250 hp and 400 lbft would be adequate to tow the 7500-9000 lbs or so that 1/2 tons are rated at. Hard to believe that 1/2 tons have such high tow ratings.

    I suspect the problem is cost, and the fact that the spark motors are pretty good-the 5.3 in 2wd should get 24 or so mpg at 60-65 mph.Our Big 3 always charge at least $5000 more for the diesel option- hard to make up that much money with relatively cheap fuel.Besides, that $5000 should get you a gasoline diesel hybrid which will get slightly better overall mpg than the small diesel(that we don't have).

    The diesels always seem to cost more to maintain- in routine maintenance, and in repair costs. The FI systems are expensive to repair, and the diesel truck owners are always complaining about the FI( especially ford 6.0 owners).

    I suspect the small diesel truck - if a 4.5 lt V-8 is small- is dead for now. A shame really since the 1988 GM diesel Suburban still holds the "record" for best hy mpg for a 1/2 ton SUV - it was rated at 22 mpg(new ratings). The Hybrids match than now-22 years later.

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