Proposed 1400-foot wind turbine taller than Empire State Buliding

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    [​IMG] The first experimental tower to be erected is to be 665 feet high, with 200-foot turbine wheels, and located near Berlin.


    Seems a bit Rube Goldberg by today's standards. --Ed.

    Currents in Upper Air Form Unfailing Source of Power for “Windmills” of Future

    Wind, at the surface of the earth, is proverbially uncertain; but recent researches show that, a thousand feet or more above the ground, wind is comparatively steady and unfailing. This has given new life to the hope of finding a substantial source of natural power, even more universally available than water power; and the designs illustrated here have been prepared by a German engineer, Honnef, the erector of several huge radio towers. As shown here, the structure carrying the power plant would be higher than any other building man has yet been able to erect.... [RM][/RM]
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