Honda recalls Odyssey’s and Elements for VSA Modulator

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    [​IMG] 344,000 Odyssey’s and 68,000 Element’s from the 2007-2008 model year need to be modified.

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    2008 Honda Odyssey - Everybody seems to be having problems with recalls as of late?

    Honda has received customer complaints of brake pedals that feel "soft" or that gradually exhibit a pedal height that gets lower (closer to the floor) before the vehicle stops. In affected vehicles, this condition tends to very slowly increase over time.

    Some VSA modulators were assembled in a manner that could allow air intrusion, making it possible for air to enter the modulator during the VSA self-check mode. While only a miniscule amount of air can enter the system during each check, over a period of months or years, the air will accumulate and can result in the "soft brake pedal" or "low brake pedal" condition symptoms associated with this issue. Although not all vehicles being recalled are affected by this issue, we are recalling all possible units to assure all customers that their vehicles will perform correctly.

    Honda is announcing this recall to encourage all owners of these vehicles to take their vehicle to an authorized dealer as soon as they receive notification from Honda that their vehicle is affected. Notification to customers will start at the end of April.

    Once owners of these vehicles receive written notification of this recall from Honda, they should contact their authorized Honda dealer to schedule an appointment for repair. When Honda identifies concerns of this nature, nothing is more important to the company than fulfilling our obligation and responsibility to alert our customers. To this end in addition to contacting customers by mail, after April 19, 2010, owners of these vehicles will be able to determine if their vehicle requires repair by going on-line or calling. Honda owners can go to or call (800) 999-1009, and select option 4.
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    Fyi ... I actually owned a Honda 2007 Element that had this problem. In my experience ... this issue really is/was a safety hazard. There is nothing worse than having a braking system that doesn't behave consistently the same. The dealership had the vehicle several times for extended periods of time (measured in weeks) ... there was even talk of Honda buying it back ... if they couldn't find the issue. Finally, it was solved by Honda ... however ... I traded for HCHII right after that.

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