The recent Toyota recall coverage

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  1. Chuck

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    The coverage on the Toyota has - taken off.

    Some have questioned the coverage here.

    Some consider it Toyota-bashing.

    Some think we are Toyota apologists.

    Some see Toyota jobs at risk for less than honorable reasons.

    Others see reputations of Toyota drivers reporting these problems as unfairly smeared.

    Still other objections...

    Yet this is the most active topic at CleanMPG and similar forums.

    While it can't be ignored, I've decided to cover what's changed about the story.

    Whenever the dust settles on this, the impact on the auto industry will be considerable for better or worse.

    The fix and possible mandatory black boxes that could be on all vehicles will add to the price tag.

    Innovation will be slowed as all automakers will do all they can to avoid a similar recall for them.
  2. hobbit

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    Meanwhile, some of the consumer base is taking its own steps to
    make sure it's ready for anything.
  3. ILAveo

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    Others in the fanbase want to prepare you for the Toyota feeling this way:

    Toyota Simulator

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