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    Hi all, my name is Edgar. I own a 2006 Honda Civic coupe ex. I've been a lurker for about 3 months now, finally decided to register. I found this forum through the master of the R18: Psyshack. I consider myself to be a hypermiler, or rather in training :eek: My engine is called a R18, and it is 1.8L. Since I've begun to drive for fuel economy i get 37-38 MPG consistently. However, i'd love to get much more out of this car, at least 45mpg. I have my tire pressure set at 40 and currently have 0W-40 engine oil in. On my last fill up with 30% engine oil life left, i got 38MPG which i was very pleased to get. I already bought oil for my next change, its 5W-20. I'm going to see the results of this oil to see if the more expensive oil is worth it. I drive mostly highway, about 100 miles a day. On the highway i always set the CC at 70mph and its been good to me so far. I also shift at 2000 RPM max. Its a five-speed automatic. Anyways, sorry for the long read. :Banane39:
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    Is it possible to go to 0w20 in your car? Also, try going 5mph slower for a little bit more improvement.

    Sounds like you are doing pretty good so far.
  3. Armavir

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    yea, i can go 0W20, thats what i wanted originally, but it wasn't there. So i got the closest thing i thought would be good too, which was 0W-40. Its just that whereas 0W-20 costs $5+, regular 5W-20 costs $2.30....
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    Welcome to Cleanmpg Edgar. :flag:

  5. Armavir

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    Just thought another pic would be nice hehe.
  6. psyshack

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    Hello Armavir

    Glad you made a move to register here.

    I look forward to you sharing your R-18 with us. Do two R-18 drivers make a pack. I think not. But its a start. :)

    I don't think I will be much help to you with the 5AT Civic. Mines a MT. But I would think your car driven right on the hwy should give you a leg up on my hwy mpg. My car is geared a bit lower. So will rev higher in 5th gear at just about any given speed.

    First off,,, you can press up those tires a bit more. But 40 psi is a very good start indeed. And please get rid of that 0w-40 in the crank case. And get the 5w-20 in there as soon as possible. Ive started running 0w-20 Mobil One in my Civic. Our Accord as a blend of 0w-20/5w-20 in it. Also a good oil filter like a PureOne found at Pep Boys is a great oil filter at the 5 to 6 dollar mark. If you don't want to pay the higher price for M1 oil,,, think about Motorcraft 5w-20. Its a very good semi syn oil,,, basically in its own class.

    I broke a lot of ground with my 5MT Civic. As far as learning to drive one for mpg. Guess what. You get to break ground for the 5AT crowd!!! LMAO!!! There are a lot of great drivers on this and other sights. But we are the only R-18 owners at this time. :)

    A thought just accrued to me. Lets look at this thru the eyes of a 5AT Accord driver. I have one of those and one of our founders xcel drives one daily. I myself cant see any good reason why Honda would have made the new Civic transmission much different than the Accord slush box.

    Soooo how about you let xcel and I know at what speed your car locks the torque converter. This would be the fifth gear. With medium acceleration. Just getting down the road if you will. Our Accords seem to lock into 5th some where around 45 mph, give or take 2 mph. this could be some very valuable information.

    Also do yourself a huge favor and get a ScanGuageII. If you cant afford a SGII, then look for a well treated used SGI. The feed back a ScanGuage will give you is very important.

    I look forward to reading your post as you embark on your new adventure!

  7. xcel

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    Hi Armavair:

    ___Welcome from me as well!

    ___Psy took care of the business end as he does a great job of it which leaves me with little to add other then I love your car! If Honda would have placed the HCH-I’s Lean burn 1.3 w/ the tall stick in her plus added the Accord’s amenities, oh my god :D

    ___And a second mention to get rid of the 0W-40 goo ASAP!

    ___Do not forget to start tracking your FE in the Mileage DBase as we can always use another Civic with the R18 amongst the rest of the hypermilers! And hot ****, that is one hot looking 8th gen!!!

    ___Good Luck

  8. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Welcome to CleanMPG!

    Glad you took the plunge!
  9. Armavir

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    Ok, sorry for late reply. So i got the oil changed, and then i kept it easy on the car. i got 41 MPG which was a great improvement id say. I cruised on 65 on the highway only. I have a question thou. I'm alittle conceptually confused the car peaks its torque range around ~4500rpm i believe. What ive been doing is staying under 2,000 RPM. Would my economy increase if i reved up to 2500 to get to fifth gear quicker? ( i get fifth gear around 43-45mph) If i got to fifth gear quicker, would i be using less gas....Confused lol. Otherwise, im very happy with 41MPG, best to date.
  10. psyshack

    psyshack He who posts articles


    Glad to see the improvement. I just took a 150 mile trip over the holiday and got 42 mpg for the trip. I was only load driving. No coasting, fas'ing, or other tricks. The R-18 will smash epa if driven with a bit of care and prep.

    As for the 5AT. I don't think there is a pat answer for that question. For me and my driving style when in the Accord. If I know there are no lights and such. Say like getting on the freeway. I get her up to speed and get it locked in 5th. For driving around town I let the tach lay low. If not go into full fas with the engine off. If I get on it to lock up 5th then have to stop or slow way down and it unlocks, in my mind its been a waste. Now if Im able to get the 5th gear lock and allowed to bleed speed off I can keep 5th locked down to like 35 to 37 mph. Xcel has done this and reports not so good mpg if I remember right. Ours seems to do good in this ubber speed bleed off tactic. This might be a ULVE vs PZE emission setup. I just don't know.

    I just made a run to the store in the Civic and took the opportunity to do some testing. This has more to do with the 1000 to 3500 rpm low load semi Atkins system than tranny stuff. And the 5MT allows me to do this test easy. The SG makes the number live.

    At 1300 rpm in 5th gear on level ground, no wind, temps lower 50's The SG reported a solid 57 mpg. Same road at 900 to 1000 rpm showed 36 mpg. sure there was some spiking by the SG but for the most part the numbers always came back to the ones I posted and held them. So for me this was proof of the 1.5L mode and the 1.8L mode on the low end of the tach.


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