Zetsche Predicts Diesels Will Beat Hybrids

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    The Daily Auto Insider
    Friday, February 3, 2006
    February 2006

    DaimlerChrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche predicted that diesel-powered vehicles would beat out hybrids in the US market in five to ten years, Reuters reports. DaimlerChrysler has been trying hard to overcome the diesel image left over in the US from the last big gas crisis in 1979.

    Zetsche based his predictions on the better power and fuel efficiency offered by diesels. He cited studies that estimate if 30 percent of the US vehicle fleet were powered by diesels, fuel consumption could be cut by the equivalent of US imports from Saudi Arabia.

    German carmakers excel in diesel engine technology and popularity in the US market would give them a leg up on Japanese carmakers who lead in hybrid technology

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    What a fool. Some far sited manufacturers are already developing or have developmed diesel hybrids.
  3. Chuck

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    Agreed - why does this have to be diesel vs hybrid when a car can be both? I'd think VW has the most to gain from offering a diesel hybrid.
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    Hi All:

    ___It is one thing for Zetsche to proclaim the Diesel as the automobile future as Mercedes Benz can cover up a specialized NOx CAT(s), an SCR with Urea Injection system, and a DPF in a $50,000 + automobile. If he has the solution in a $25,000 or less pricey automobile, let’s see it already? VW TDI’s will have been effectively banned from the US market due to the EPA emissions regulations starting late this year and they were the largest seller of Diesel based cars here in the US. DCC hasn’t even sold a faction of a % in regards to the 320D with a grand total of just 8,000 sold since late 03. At that rate, he might even make a profit on that model by 2026 or so … Until he adds the Dual Mode to the diesel for some truly exceptional FE, I see another European Exec spouting diesel superiority all the while scared out of his mind with the success of Toyota hybrids here in the states.

    ___Good Luck

  5. philmcneal

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    sure if we can avoid dealing with the inefficencies of converting ICE power to electrical power. But that would require a strong clutch with a lot of friction rubber, a super strong starter motor that can start the engine smoothly, alloy wheels, AWD i'm not so sure... (power losses to the back wheels?) a strong enough battery to provide A/C when the engine is off (no more than 15 mins max) and a very areodyanmic body.

    Not much to ask for, the gobs of torque is plentiful enough!

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