The Truth about Energy Independence

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    [​IMG] Weaning ourselves from overdependence on oil will take time. Doubling down on carbon-rich fuels wouldn't necessarily get us there, even if we throw environmental caution to the winds. Greater fuel efficiency and figuring out the nuts and bolts of electrified transportation would be a less risky approach.

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    Fear that more economic damage will be necessary to get everybody serious - then it may be too late. --Ed.

    People who grew up during the 1930s and '40s can remember a day when the United States produced more oil than the rest of the world combined.

    Those days are gone. U.S. oil production peaked in the early 1970s. The current U.S. share of global oil production is less than 10 percent. As demand rocketed upward over the decades and domestic production fell, we became more dependent on imported crude oil and petroleum products. Today, imports supply nearly 60 percent of total U.S. petroleum demand.... [rm][/rm]
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    And long before the last drop of hydro-carbons goes into the FSP tank, we need to set some oil aside for inclusion in the making of drugs, plastic parts (even if only for things like pace-makers) and other non-combustion-related products ...

    We need to take a look at other fuels like CNG/LNG to extend the oil deadline, too.

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