Mini Test drive at Beaver Run near Pittsburgh

Discussion in 'BMW' started by ALS, Feb 20, 2010.

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    Tomorrow starting at 8:00 am the Pittsburgh Mini Owners are going to spinning their wheels around the Beaver Run Motor sports complex on Sunday the 21st of February.

    One of the cars owned by Mini of Pittsburgh will have an in car camera provided by a Pittsburgh start up company named VIVO.

    The set up involves a web-cams attached to a plastic pipe that they rigged up to suction cups stuck to the windshield. The cameras are hooked up to a laptop inside the car and the signal is broadcasted via a cell phone network transmit the signal to the Internet.

    The event will start on a snow covered seven acre paved lot in Big Beaver.
    Mini drivers in their own cars and those who are test driving the dealership’s car, will take turns driving with instructors to learn how to handle the car in the snow in a variety of situations. They will maneuver around cones and put the car into skid on purpose.

    The cars will also go though time trials on the Wilson circuit, a serpentine track on the motor complex site.

    This event will be broadcast live via streaming video using an in car camera in the Mini of Pittsburgh's Mini.

    Starting at 8:00 am they will start streaming video at

    This information was taken from the Post Gazette, by Ann Belser

    The newspaper does not have the full story up on line yet. The above information is from the early Sunday print addition.
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    Hi Al:

    ___Sorry for not seeing this when it first went up. Did the event go off as scheduled and probably more important, were you there :) The racing stuff is not big on my hit parade but the Mini’s standard high FE certainly is.

    ___Good Luck

  3. ALS

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    No didn't make it out. I saw it announced in the local Sunday paper and thought the Mini owners on the board might enjoy the live streaming feed.
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    Does anyone have any pics or links.
  5. ALS

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    I found this video for the event.

    Pitt Stop Mini

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    Hmm, maybe I should have had a 'cam going when I went and spent
    20 minutes tracking up a virgin expanse of 4" snowfall in a
    local parking lot. It was a *riot*. And good training.

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