Definitely a case of piling on… Toyota in the crosshairs

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    [​IMG] Lawyers and a used car dealer (imagine that :rolleyes:) going after Toyota.

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    Blood sucking “@#(*!$(#*%^#” are on the loose.

    Lawsuit filed on behalf of the attorney’s (for themselves) that represent Auto Dealers and Auction Companies … Make sure you read this correctly.

    Auto dealers and auction companies are bearing the financial brunt of Toyota’s recent recalls and Stop Sales Order and deserve to be compensated for the extra costs they are incurring, according to a class action lawsuit filed in Missouri federal court on Friday.

    “Class actions are oftentimes the most affordable way to prosecute claims like this,” posted the ambulance chasing attorneys bringing the suit to court.

    The lawsuit, filed by Shawn Foster of Davis, Bethune and Jones in Kansas City, Missouri and J.R. Whaley of Neblett Beard and Arsenault in Louisiana, details the financial pain that holding excess and unsellable inventory causes automotive dealers generally. The lawsuit then specifies the financial strain that the recent recalls and Stop Sales Order have caused the automotive sales industry.

    The lawsuit also claims that Toyota knew over a year before the recent Stop Sales Order that its gas pedals were defective. The lawsuit claims that Toyota hid that information from the automotive sales industry and instead blamed bulky floor mats for the sudden acceleration problems plaguing the auto maker. That delay, according to the lawsuit, caused automotive dealers and auction companies to buy vehicles they cannot now sell and forces those businesses to carry costs to hold this currently unsellable inventory.

    “Most used car dealerships are small businesses that really cannot afford to hold excess inventory, particularly in these tough economic times. This lawsuit seeks some reimbursement for the costs these dealers are incurring because of Toyota’s actions,” said Shawn Foster. The lawsuit seeks class action status on behalf of all automotive dealers and auction companies but specifically excludes licensed Toyota dealers. “Class actions allow small businesses to come together and take on a corporate Goliath like Toyota,” J. R. Whaley explained. “Class actions are oftentimes the most affordable way to prosecute claims like this.”

    The lawsuit is pending in the federal court in Jefferson City, Missouri and is entitled Jerry Baker Auto Sales, LLC v. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

    What was not mentioned is how a scum sucking used car dealer had any number of almost brand new Toyota’s that were affected by the recall on his lot let alone any risk to his business to begin with?

    What a waste of everyone’s time and $’s.
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  2. On the bright side, all the bad press could spell the end of the additional dealer markups.
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