Collapse: doomsday scenario on oil is a riveting film

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Chuck, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Chuck

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    [​IMG] The global economy, he says, is a pyramid scheme that’s about to collapse as infinite growth collides with finite energy

    [fflash=RIGHT][/fflash]Bob Fischbach - OMAHA - Feb 14, 2010

    Peak drama on Peak Oil - See trailer --Ed.

    Michael Ruppert has an unusual hobby: mapping how the world really works.

    In director Chris Smith’s documentary “Collapse,” Ruppert sits in an empty warehouse and talks as two circling cameras record his theories on the future of the planet.

    Whether you buy his doomsday scenario, he seems right about two facts: oil consumption drives the world’s economies and global oil production is past its peak.... [rm][/rm]
  2. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

  3. The world governments will likely just conspire to exterminate the poor so that the rich can continue to be rich once the oil is gone.
  4. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Wow. Feeling a little pessimistic today, BM?
  5. wokwithm

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    How are the rich going to work the fields if they don't have the poor to do the deeds. Not likely the rich are good at manual labor since. Without people to maintain the machines, how will they drive their vehicles.

    Great Film. BTW. For what I see, the guy is humble, honest, and not fanatical.
  6. wokwithm

    wokwithm Well-Known Member

    There is still hope... "the hundredth monkey" to be around.
  7. I think it's an effect of missing a full week of work because of the East Coast dual-blizzard. I really will be glad to go back to work tomorrow.
  8. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    I don't give much credence to conspiracy theories of a handful of elitists controling the world - they have not done a very good job so far. ;)

    What this move depicts instead is people blindly doing business as usual until they walk off a cliff - a lack of plan or conspiracy. All bets are off on a post PeakOil world - even the author would probably say that.
  9. ksstathead

    ksstathead Moderator

    Very limited release on the film, like they drive the reels from city to city.

    But I look forward to seeing it someday. Certainly will be overly dramatic, but thoughtful depictions of post-peak economic transitions are not that common.

    Recently finished reading Crude World which focuses on the havoc upon the masses in oil-producing countries during the extracting years, but touches on peak oil. It was a good read.
  10. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    The nightmare isn't us running out of oil. It is a total financial collapse across the world.

    Governments have made promises to their populations for votes that they will take care of them financially. The problem is the money isn't there to provide the service promised.

    Remember the U.S. Government has a $65 Trillion obligation through 2050 for Pensions, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Think about that one ?

    The reason for gun control isn't protect you from criminals but to protect the politicians from the population as a whole.

    I could post at least ten articles that would scare the hell out of you on just how bad this financial mess is across the world.

    1. German citizens, two to one in a poll this weekend want Greece kicked out of the E.U.
    They don't want their tax money going to bail out Greece's mess.
    Germans were told that their retirement age was raised to 67 from 65.
    Greece retirement age was kept at 63 years of age. Even though they don't have
    the money to pay the pensions.

    2. China has been quietly selling commodities under the radar.
    So what? Who has been the biggest buyer of raw materials across the globe? China.
    What is happening if they're off loading all this excess material? Their economy is
    going south? The only reason everyone is somewhat up beat is they think China's
    economy is going pull the world out of this downturn. China tanks so does the World

    3. The Euro is dumping because the P.I.G.S. are close to financial collapse.
    Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain. In some cases it also called P.II.G.S.
    Which also includes Italy.

    If we have to perfect storm oil prices will be the least of your worries.

    The power that be are in a panic because in many cases this financial ponzi scheme is starting to unravel.

    Oh by the way we have over $650 Trillion in derivatives floating around the globe.
    The total GDP of the World is only $50 Trillion a year.
  11. Oh by the way we have over $650 Trillion in derivatives floating around the globe.
    The total GDP of the World is only $50 Trillion a year.

    Yeah, that last one is going to be the thing that will doom the world economy for decades when the eventual reckoning happens.
  12. ksstathead

    ksstathead Moderator

    Oil will repeatedly be a trigger in economic crises, as it was in 2008. Any time supply is disrupted or the big Asian economies surge in oil demand, prices spike in US/Europe, and those countries are in the tank again.

    Current US agriculture, construction, industry in general cannot absorb the shock fast enough, and layoffs ensue, dragging down the rest.
  13. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Every recession since 1973 was preceded with a spike in oil.

    While plentiful energy does not assure a good economy (see Nigeria), the economy does run on energy.
  14. St. Mushroom

    St. Mushroom doesn't wash his car.

    Guess I'll have to wait until Collapse leaves Netflix limbo.

    Trying to wrap my head around life without rubber tires. Bicycles started out with solid wood and metal tires, rubber and eventually air came later. Wondering if there's a modern method that gets along without rubber and still manages to dampen vibrations, even if its not as durable. Or are we back to wood again?
  15. Earthling

    Earthling Trying to be kind to Mother Earth

    When these doom-and-gloomers were screaming the loudest, and the stock market was crashing hard, was when I stepped in and bought stocks.

    I'm laughing all the way to the bank...

  16. Tochatihu

    Tochatihu Well-Known Member

    I absolutely agree that 'the two large Asian countries' will have increasing crude oil demand for two more decades (if not longer). However I would not be looking for massive surges. The discretionary money in the hands of consumers here goes up with export revenue. If enverybody else is not buying Asian exports, Asians are not going to spike their vehicle or fuel purchases.

    Still trying to figure out the new CH laws (from last year) on retail proce control on gasoline etc. Before then, the price controls were much tighter. When the global crude price was over $USD 100/bbl, the CH refiners were loosing money. So they simply reduced their refining flow. Long waiting lines at gas stations and the like resulted.

    Anyway, for a variety of reasons I'm guessing tha the Asian crude oil demand is not going to be very spikey.

    Absolutely no content here on the movie, I've not seen it. Actually would rather see a happy film. The whole CO2/climate/public perception thing has me a bit glum.


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