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    Hi Robj80:

    ___Begin to RR and reverse pass are just two techniques to remove the proctologists that absolutely refuse to obey the posted and written law. I have hundreds of thousands of miles between the speed limit in every major city in the US and have been brake checked twice that I can remember. In both cases, they were so far ahead I wondered what they were thinking, drinking or smoking to think they were doing anything but being stupid. Unfortunately, most dumb @$$’es think breaking laws and driving like they own the road is their right which unfortunately has made it commonplace.

    ___To think of the deaths, the mayhem and the unbelievable amount of Petro-dollars being sent to all of those foreign countries that would love to shoot these guys and gals in the head with an AK-47 :rolleyes: And yet they continue :ccry:

    ___Good Luck

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    Wayne has it down to a science. You aren't breaking any laws, while the offenders are, so don't let them intimidate you. Every day I'm out on the roads, I see unsafe tailgating by impatient speeders - a veritable endless and unsafe high speed conga line. I'm in a much more relaxed comfort zone with no one else in it except for the occasional trucker or slow driver who briefly occupies the same time and area.

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