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Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by pasadena_commut, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. pasadena_commut

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    On uneven roads the HCH1 has a super annoying rattle on the right side. After having the wife drive it for a while so that I could poke around the car's interior the noise was found to correspond to the top passenger side of the dashboard, near the corner. Pressing down there stopped the rattle. There is a little give to the top of the dash there, but no more than on the driver's side.

    Now that I have found the noise, how do I get rid of it? I'm thinking there is either a piece of junk trapped underneath (paper clip, coin, rock, broken tab, etc.) or a loose bolt or retaining clip which holds the padding down.

  2. pasadena_commut

    pasadena_commut Well-Known Member

    As a start - how does one get the glovebox out? With that out of the way it might be possible to spot a loose nut or two, if that is the problem. Yes, I know the airbag is up there and won't be going near it.
  3. laurieaw

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    you might want to do a google search about this, since i have an '05 with that problem. very annoying and i have heard that honda will fix it but i never followed through on it.
  4. Mendel Leisk

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    On the HCHII (may be similar), you open the glove box, put your fingers outside of the two end walls, press them towards the center and at the same time try to get the glove box to lower further. There's knobs in there that limit travel: pressing the side walls inward allows you to pop them out of their confines. It takes a few tries, is a "Braille" sort of thing.
  5. Gairwyn

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    On the HCHI, if you swing the glove box open, look along each inner sidewall of the glove box, and you'll see a hinge knob. Just pry it open a bit with your finger or a screwdriver, and then wiggle each hinge piece toward you. They'll just pop right out. Then the glove box will swing all the way open and you can look around.

    You can also open up the little door that leads to the 2 cabin air filters if you need to look around further in that area. One filter will be straight ahead behind the rectangular door, and the other is set in to the right of the first filter.
    When putting the glove box back together, just re-insert the hinges in place and press the hinge in tight (it'll "click" in).

    If I can find a link that shows the glovebox hinge assembly, I'll post it here.
  6. Gairwyn

    Gairwyn think green

    I couldn't find a link for the hybrid, but there's one in the following thread link for the Civic Si.

    The glove box hinges are the same as for the HCHI. Their cabin filters are positioned lower however. Same procedure, just the hybrid's cabin filter is higher up and not angled downward as appears in the video.


    There are other videos available if you google: honda civic cabin filter, then view the video results for that. One is there for the '04 regular Civic.
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  7. pasadena_commut

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    That helped, thanks. Unfortunately the noise is still a mystery. With the glovebox swung down out of the way the only thing that I could see moving when the top of the dash was pressed down was the underside of the dash itself - and I couldn't see or hear it hitting anything. I may try wedging a bit of rubber insulation between the windshield and an edge of the dash, just to damp the motion, and hopefully squelch the noise indirectly.

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