2010 Milwaukee Auto Show MiHG Invitation

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    Hello to all MiHG members and friends,

    If it’s cold, snowy and your fuel mileage is lower than usual, you have to know its time for 2010 Milwaukee Auto Show. Nothing beats the doldrums of winter more than spending some time indoors with your fellow MiHG members at the MAS10. The MAS10 is the best tonic to get your mileage juices flowing again by talking with your neighbors about hybrid vehicles and Drive $mart America in addition to alternative fuel and electric vehicles as well as just great mileage vehicles in general. The MAS10 is both therapeutic and educational and we’ll guarantee that you’ll have a wonderful, rewarding experience. If your family and friends are tired of your talking about your hybrid, this is your event!

    We have been invited back for our 4th straight year and we have been given some additional opportunities. This year we will have space for two vehicles or more which should make our space larger than last year. This MAS10 is like going to a MiHG Meet everyday. This is a great time to hang out and schmooze with other MiHG members and to pick up some great mileage tips from MiHG experts. Our booth has become the destination at the MAS for the public looking for experienced answers on hybrids.

    We anticipate that this years MAS10 may be very different than previous ones. With the economy on the rebound and some segments of the auto industry rebounding as well, we hope the atmosphere will be more accepting than in the past. We are fortunate that our Drive $mart America message that we’ll share with the public is one of hope that anyone can get better mileage with whatever they’re driving. In addition we will give the public the absolute best input and feedback on the performance and reliability on current and future vehicles. Our MiHG booth has always been the ultimate source for honest and accurate information on performance and this year it may even be more critical as the public weighs its options with their transportation dollars.

    Now for some basic facts; the MAS10 will run from Saturday Feb 20 through Sunday February 28. Our staff time slots are in 3 hour increments but remember to allow some additional time so you can spend some time walking the floor. Your entry into the MAS10 will be FREE at all times when you staff our booth and your parking will be $6 for as long as you’re on site. We will have from 2 to 6 MiHG members on site as needed, so there will be always be staff around to answer technical questions. Enthusiasm and a willingness to share your stories with the public are the only requirements needed. For our newest members, this is a great opportunity to get to meet other members and share your experiences with the public and learn more about your vehicle from veteran members.

    This year, Planning Team Leader Debbie Anders will be handling the MAS10 staffing spreadsheet. Call or contact Debbie for specific times or to receive an attached Excel spreadsheet. We ask you to contact Debbie via email danders@uwm.com with your 1st and 2nd options for booth times (please put MAS10 in the subject line so it is flagged for Debbie). You may come as many days as you want and stay for as many hours as you can. We will try to schedule your preferred times as best as we can. If you have any questions, feel free to call Debbie at 414-807-3720 or me at 262-691-4349. Here is a link for the 2010 MAS;


    This is our biggest and most public event of the year. We have received excellent press for our participation every year that we’ve been invited and this year should be no exception. This is the event when we have an opportunity to shine as the best and largest hybrid owners group in North America, so consider being part of the excitement. Additional details will follow for those signing up to staff our booth.

    Thank you for everything that you’ve done with the MiHG and we hope to see you at our booth.

    Bradlee Fons on behalf of the
    MiHG Planning Team

    PS: our next official MiHG Meet will be on Saturday, March 20 at the Oak Creek Public Library
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    bradlee Drive Less When You can - Drive $mart When You Do

    I'm sorry that Debbie's email address is


    for those interested in volunteering at the MiHG Booth at this years Milwaukee Auto Show.

    I hope to see many of our CMPG friends at the MAS10 again this year.


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