2002 Ford Ranger

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    HI, HOW ARE YOU GREAT PEOPLE AT CLEAN MPG DOING!!!!! ??? Well I own a 2002 Ford Ranger I am not sure what i am getting for MPG. But i think its about average. also what types of modifications can i make to my truck to improve the mpg? I use the truck for my own business remodeling so i always have tools in the back along with building material.
  2. Chuck

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    Welcome to CleanMPG!

    Did you know Wayne (xcel - founder) has a Ranger?

    Saw one a few months ago with the green leaf - maybe it's E85 ready
  3. xcel

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    Hi Brent McNeil:

    ___Welcome indeed. It is not so much the mod of the vehicle as it is teaching the driver behind the wheel how to improve his/her FE driving skills. Since you have no feedback via a Scan Gauge II, you are going to have to learn the hard way and over many many tanks. Even when you sort of know the methods of hypermiling, an SG-II not only reinforces it, it can help push you to new heights you would never have imagined!

    ___Let us first begin by recording your tank FE from this day forward. Without a benchmark, there is nothing to improve upon. Start on the home page and begin reading the various articles on the right side from top to bottom. Even though some are not relevant or may be hybrid specific, you have an advantage in that your Ranger is not forced into a OEM hybrid constraints in some cases. Do not really worry what those constraints are for now, the key is to get your Ranger setup (higher pressures in the ContiTRAK’s) and some low viscosity oil on her next change. Given we are in the colder temp time of the year (do you live in a Northern climate?), hopefully you have a block heater installed as OEM. My Ranger came equipped with one as std. so hopefully yours did as well. Setup is complete. Now it is time to start applying what you have learned from the articles. Take it slow and easy at first. We do not want to hear that you got into an accident when trying to combine 3 techniques together in traffic. Learn one until it is second nature and then move on to the next. After a few months, the techniques will all be second nature and your newfound FE will prove its worth every time you pull up to the pump.

    ___Good Luck

  4. psyshack

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    Hello fellow Ranger owner!

    Yours is a much better truck for hypermiling than mine. Owning a 2000 2.5L, 5MT, XLT. I have some insight. But not much. My Ranger is very well maintained, but get hord mpg. Only thing left for me to check is the timing belt bullys and cam timing.

    Like Xcel mentioned, Get a baseline going on your current mpg. Dont worry to much about the load your carrying in the bed and cab. After all it is a working truck. I can share with you the load in the bed and cab dosent effect the mpg of my Ranger much at all. Or atleast mine.

    Good luck with your efforts.
    I will be cheering for you.

  5. therealbrentmcneil

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    ok I think I get it. this site is to help with you driving habits and not so much what type of oil or filters your using. right? I read a few articals and i have already started using some of the ideas presented. I am going to start recording my miles the next time I fill up. also some of the terms you have use I am not familar with whats a Scan Gauge II, OEM hybrid, and ContiTRAK’s. yea I do live in the north country (New Hampshire) I am not sure if I have block heater installed as OEM. I am not sure what an OEM is? would a macanic know if it is or not? well talk to you later.

    all the best
  6. xcel

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    Hi Brent:

    ___We can recommend the oil and filters you may want to use as well. That would be Mobil1 0W-20 and a SuperTech from your local Walmart. The Bosch, STP and Mobil1 filters are of similar to exact construction and can be found at AutoZone if there is a store like that in your locale. You can take the rest from there ;)

    ___I hope the following helps with the rest of your questions …

    Scan Gauge II FAQ

    Scan Gauge II, OBD-II cabling, 25 page Quick Start guide and Manual as well as adhesive stickers. Quarter and pen were included to add perspective.

    OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer

    Conti TRAK’s: Continental brand tires named ContiTRAK’s probably on your Ranger as it sits in the drive.

    ___Good Luck


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