Car fire cause?

Discussion in 'Hero and Jerk of the Day' started by rdprice64, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. rdprice64

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    He left his car running while he was filling up :confused: and repeatedly got in and out of his vehicle while talking on his cell phone, which investigators say cause static electricity to caused his vehicle to catch on fire :eek:

    Maybe he should be the Jerk of the week, not just the day! If he had not survived, he certainly would have been a contender for the 2009 Darwin awards! It should at least be a Mythbusters episode to confirm/bust that static electricity from getting in and out of you car can cause this to happen?
  2. JusBringIt

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    At least he now has a huge incentive to NOT do it anymore, even though the signs on the gas pumps give specific directions to TURN OFF YOUR ENGINE. People like this generally are the reason they have instructions on pop tart boxes...
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