Jerk Gets What's Coming

Discussion in 'Hero and Jerk of the Day' started by 99LeCouch, Nov 18, 2009.

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    LOL well played.
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    I watched a guy roll a Yukon or Suburban on I-75 around Sarasota back on March 19th. We were following a wide load south bound for about twenty miles at 40 mph. Three troopers in front of the load and three behind it. There was a light rain but nothing that would have caused any problems.

    I was back maybe four or five cars from the trailing Fl trooper when this guy in a Yukon or GMC version that was in such a big hurry goes to pass me on the right. He jumps on it as he pulls out on my right and the rear wheels break loose and of course he over corrects as the truck is heading for my passenger side. It snapped to the right and off the road he goes. He over corrects again and the truck is now sliding sideways in the grass and boom it starts to roll. I watched this truck with its head lights pointed at me roll three plus times.

    Remember, I was traveling at 40 mph and he was passing me at the time he lost it.

    Even if he did pass me with out this incident he might have moved up one car length.
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    Honestly I had this Minivan do the same thing.
    Was an off ramp 20mph suggested (45 MPH on the road it goes to).
    He was tailgating me, I did the Come on wave with my hand (Yes He was that close).

    Took that turn at 45MPH (Was in N) the guy had to hit his brakes hard since he entered the beginning of the turn at 45 MPH. My guess he was going about 20 MPH when he came out've the turn.

    Then he later sped past me to hit a red light.
    I swear... people have no notion of Red lights.
    Or of handling.
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    This used to happen a lot to me at the bottom of this steep 45 MPH hill that ends in a tight 25 MPH bend. My Golf had a low center of gravity, so I'd whip around it to make fun of tailgating luxury cars, believing that yellow speed limit signs were just "advisories". You know, "Haha, my 16k car handles better than your 40k Lexus, blah blah." Looking back, I also probably had enough momentum to coast from the bend to my driveway, observing speed limits, but wasn't thinking about MPG back then...

    But now and then I'd get an SUV tailgating. Inevitably the headlights in the back seat would swerve dramatically to the curb halfway around the bend, where I assume the Armada driver would become a born again Christian just in time to regain control. This before standard stability control, oy.

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