Greetings, gas sippers!

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by Fenrir, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Fenrir

    Fenrir Well-Known Member


    Been reading here for a while and registered today. Been reading a certain other hybrid forum for years now. I like the camaraderie here better. :)

    A special Hi diddly ho, neighborino! to DiamondLarry. My previous car was a Saturn SL2 5 speed manual. A 1995. Alloy rims, rear spoiler. It was fun to drive, but nowhere near as fun as my MIMA equipped Insight! :Banane09:
  2. tbaleno

    tbaleno Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard Fenrir. Glad you decided to join us.
  3. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    Welcome Fenrir! A fellow Hoosier. YEA! Whereabouts in Indiana are you? I'm in the north up around Elkhart. I would love to have a MIMA Insight but two of my family members wouldn't be too happy about having to walk.:p
  4. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Fenrir:

    ___Thanks for introducing yourself!

    ___As an aside, make sure you review the FAS switch as detailed in Randall’s post Forced Auto Stop mod on my Insight.. Another great addition to a MIMA modded Insight if I have ever seen one.

    ___Good Luck

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  5. Fenrir

    Fenrir Well-Known Member

    I'm in the big town, Indianapolis. Fortunately I can't think of a time when I've thought "dang it, if I only had a back seat!" I don't have kids. I find the hatch in the Insight to be surprizingly spacious. It is a great camping trip vehicle for two people. I can easily fit a 4 person inflatable boat, oars, tent, two sleeping bags, food, jugs of water, small grill and other miscelaneous items back there and still be able to see out the back. My mountain bike will fit back there if I take both wheels off. Not easily, but it fits. The Insight is my Sport Utility Vehicle - but without the senseless waste.

    The FAS mod has come a long way. It didn't really pique my intrest at first, but recently I've been giving it some thought. Especially now that Randall and Mike have solved the DC/DC thing. And it integrates so nicely with MIMA. Maybe I'll cut some more wires this summer. :bananapowerslide:

    ...I love these bananas.
  6. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Fenir - a belated welcome!

    I don't have a bike (yet), but got a bike rack that fits on my Insight nicely.

    Just out of curosity, I'm getting about 70mpg overall, 75 or so on my early morning commute in Dallas. Figure the colder weather is a 5mpg penality for you.

    We are trying to clutivate a friendly atmosphere of people that earnestly want to go farther on a gallon of gas - hope you enjoy it here.
  7. Fenrir

    Fenrir Well-Known Member

    The cold generally hits me harder than 5mpg, because of my short commute of about 7 miles one way, all city streets. Even with the block heater, WAI and fully blocked radiator, in temps below freezing the car doesn't have time to get fully warmed up, despite what the temp gauge might say. I can usually match EPA city (62) if I try hard enough. This will be my second winter with MIMA, so we'll see. In the summer I'm in the mid 70's without trying very hard. On longer trips in good weather, 80 to 85mpg isn't too hard, even at 60 to 70 mph on the highway if I catch a good draft.

    I generally drive the speed limit, a little more or a little less, and I DWL / MIMA over the hills. I accellerate at a moderate rate, using 4 to 6 bars of assist usually. I've never done much P&G.

    BTW, at the end of my morning commute is a climb up several levels of a parking garage. I usually hit the mode 1 button to disable assist. 1st gear is a little too low, and 2nd is often a little high. On the way out, I start the engine for a few seconds to build vacuum in the brake cylinder and get myself positioned, then FAS with the key to I, then back to II to get the electric power steering back on. Then I roll silently down to the exit, sometimes freaking people out as they don't hear me rolling up next to them. ;) I can usually descend 4 to 6 flights before I lose the brake vacuum.

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