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    Hi all

    My name is Rees. I have been doing the research game on hybrids since about Feb 2005. Then put in an order for my Prius a couple of days prior to Hurricane Katrina. What luck. Demand certainly rose after that. I took delivery on my Barcelona Red beauty on January 2, 2006 to get the tax credit. The Prius has exceeded every expectation I ever had of it.

    I am here to spread the word. Hope to be able to help people with their curiosity and questions about the Prius. My background is in broadcast engineering/computer technology. Worked for a decade at WTMJ radio and television and was chief enguneer (hehe) at my local radio station where I live for 10 years as well. Spent a number of years (after switching careers) at the Medical College of Wisconsin as well as Abbott Laboratories in their IT departments.

    So, I guess that should fill in a few cracks about who this guy is. I enjoy this site because of the dedication of the people who not only created this site but also the people who come here and share their experiences.

    So here's Miles to You.....


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    Welcome to CleanMPG!

    Did you rember WWWW in Detroit during it's Top 40 heyday? The owner started KLIF in Dallas in the 1950's and started the Top 40 format. Gordon McLendon sold those stations in the 1970's when diverse tastes and FM radio killed them. In the 1960's another Texan actually broadcast KLIF with British commercials spliced in offshore from London!
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    I guess I missed the detroit station. Was maybe too busy listening to Chicago ones. hehe Ever hear of Wally Phillips? He was my idol and got to work with Jon Green at WTMJ who did similiar things. I was his engineer for a number of years. In those days the announcer talked and the engineer did everything else. It was a blast.
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    Hi Rees:

    ___It is indeed our pleasure that you decided to visit us. Although TMJ4 comes in a but fuzzy here in Illinois, the wife and I do watch it from time to time when prepping for a day in Wi. or just traveling through. Darn FIB’s anyway! I know you know what that stands for ;)

    ___In either case, welcome aboard! If you see anything that pique’s your interest, post away. Being a relatively new Prius II owner, you may want to consider reading a year or two worth of YaHoo’s Prius_Tech groups posts as well as Prius 2G’s. Sometimes some real diamonds in the rough come out of those 2. You will see Krousdb’s name pop up from time to time over there too! Then again, I bet you have already lived in those 2 groups since well before you picked up your Prius given your professional and personal interests.

    ___Good Luck and welcome to the group ...

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    Welcome :D ;

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    Thanks for the kind words.

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