2010 BMW Motorrad "GS" Enduro clothing collection

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    [​IMG] Rallye 3 Gear for the Serious On/Off road rider.

    [fimg=left]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/501/BMW_Ralley_3_Suit_2.jpg[/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Nov. 5, 2009

    2010 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure with the rider wearing a Ralleye 3 Suit, Gloves and GS Pro boots.

    The BMW Motorrad collection for the new season highlights two particular characteristics reflecting the style and philosophy of the company: First, a clear sporting orientation and second, ongoing development in the areas of safety, comfort, function, quality, and design.

    Rallye 3 Gear for both the on and off road enthusiast

    For 2010, BMW introduces the new Rallye 3 suit featuring a new membrane structure and comfort mapping. The Rallye 3 gloves stand out through their new high abrasion-resistant SuperFabric® material. The Rallye GS Pro boots now feature a removable inner shoe for extra comfort and a pleasant climate within the boots.

    Ralley 3 Suit – Thermal features never before seen in a riding suit

    Whether you are an off-road adventurer or on again off again road or dirt rider, the Rallye 2 Pro suit successor to the offers the optimum solution in many cases. The Rallye 3 suit combines proven qualities with new technologies, making it just as well-suited for summer as for cool and wet days.

    The most remarkable innovation is the watertight insert zipping into the jacket and the pants included in the set. The insert comes in a new membrane structure with comfort mapping, a special concept taking the fact into account that the human body is made up of different climate zones and therefore offering the ideal membrane for each zone.

    The new C.A.R.E. climate membrane from BMW Motorrad ensures good resistance to water, an active breathing effect and windproof protection. Additionally, its insulation qualities are weighted differently in the various zones and sections. Exposed body parts, for example, are protected against cold temperatures by an inner lining additionally roughened on the surface.

    Comfort mapping distinguishes between three zones: Zone 1 (e.g. the rider’s back and upper pelvic area), comes with the designation “Flow” and has a high active breathing effect. Zone 2 (e.g. the knees, lower pelvic area, shoulders and neck) is referred to as “Comfort” and features light fleece warming up the body. Zone 3 used, inter alia, across the entire front section, comes with the name “Shield” and offers the highest standard of waterproof protection when riding.

    The Ralleye 3 suit is equipped with removable NP protectors developed by BMW and offering the highest standard of damping qualities. These protectors are provided wherever required, that is on the back, round the shoulders, on the elbows, the hips and knees (adjustable to three different levels).

    [fimg=right]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/501/BMW_Ralley_3_Suit.jpg[/fimg]Rider in a Grey/Blue Ralleye 3 suit.

    For off-road use, the jacket may be combined with a protector vest or jacket. Applied reflector material around the sleeves and on the pant legs ensure good visibility in both bad weather and in the dark. A connection zipper between the jacket and the pants, finally, prevents the jacket from sliding up.

    The rider out on a long trip demands the utmost in terms of comfort and equipment. The Rallye 3 suit meets these demands through its unparalleled versatility.

    When going for a walk in town or on a short hike, the rider may wear the jacket as a vest after conveniently removing the sleeves. The collar top finished in soft leatherette ensures a pleasant feeling at all times when wearing the jacket while numerous hook-and-loop fasteners (on the elbows, the cuffs and the collar) allow individual adjustment. A tunnel cord around the bottom of the jacket ensures simple adjustment of jacket width for all kinds of sizes.

    The pants likewise offer maximum comfort using hook-and-loop fasteners on the waist and around the bottom to ensure individual adjustment for both length and width. Leather inserts inside the knees give the rider good grip on the fuel tank even while standing on the footrests. Kevlar™ stretch zones above the knees and pelvis, together with stretch material on the lower legs, provide optimum freedom of movement. Pre-shaped sleeves and knees on the suit and insert help the rider maintain the perfect seat position at all times when riding on-road.

    The physical effort when riding off-road as well as high temperatures during motorcycle tours in summer call for optimum climate management. Air flow is handled by removal zippers at the front of the sleeves, at the side around the waist and on the upper legs, with additional ventilation provided by vent surfaces on the chest opening and closing with hook-and-loop fasteners and a generous vent for extracting air at the back.

    The Rallye 3 suit includes practical utility with a large number of individual pockets including two watertight hip pockets with hook-and-loop fasteners provided in the jacket itself. There are also two small pockets for odds and ends, one of which is secured by a zipper.

    The right sleeve comes with a zippered pocket incorporating a sight window at the outside, while a large pocket in the lower back section split up into two halves and feature both a hook-and-loop fastener flap as well as an additional zipper pocket at the rear.

    An outside back pocket serves to carry a Hydra TrinkPak, available as an accessory.

    The pants come with two push-in pockets with a zipper on top and the pocket complete with a flap on the left upper leg is easy to open and close by hand thanks to its hook-and-loop fasteners.

    The BMW logo is presented as a plastic emblem on both sleeves and as a metal rivet on the pant top. The name “BMW”, in turn, is embroidered on the rear pant pocket, embossed on the leather inserts around the knees, and presented additionally on the rubber-coated studs.

    The Rallye 3 suit is available as Black/Gun in US sizes 36–56 and 40L–50L, and in the secondary color Grey/Blue in sizes 36–50.

    [fimg=left]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/501/BMW_Ralleye_GS_Pro_Boots.jpg[/fimg]Rallye GS Pro Boots for the serious off-road rider

    Ongoing development as well as experience gained from tens of thousands of miles of riding helped turn a very good product into an even better one. For 2010, the Ralleye GS Pro boots are an ideal match for the new line-up of Enduro gear including the Ralleye 3 suit described above and the Rallye 3 gloves described below.

    A number of changes have been made improving upon the proven Rallye GS 1 and GS 2 boots. A new inner shoe made of elastic Neoprene® with a gel cushion around the ankle ensures a good fit and, with spacer tissue, provides good ventilation. Both the inner shoe and the foot bed are removable and washable.

    Intentionally designed without inner laces (about time), the boots are even easier to don and close quickly and conveniently. Aluminum clasps make the process of putting on the boots easier and offer the protection required in a fall, with the option to change the adjustment straps easily and quickly whenever required.

    The level of safety for which the previous boots provided superlatively has been increased even further. An intermediate sole with integrated steel spring reinforcement makes the boots stiffer, ensuring that the rider cannot crush his feet in a fall or accident. The tall calf (almost 15 inched on a size 9.5 boot) is made of anatomically shaped plastic with a joint mechanism adding to safety. A three-dimensional plastic lower leg and shin protector protects the rider from impacts or in a fall. At the front and side, the rider’s feet are additionally protected by large, stable plastic protectors against hard impacts. Finally, wearers of prostheses are able to individually adjust shaft width by means of hook-and-loop fastener.

    The outer surface is made of full-grain cowhide (approx 1.6–2.0 mm thick) around the rider’s feet and boot shafts ensure comfort at all times. The shaft lining comes with profiled foam padding for enhanced air circulation. An important practical advantage, the center section of the rubber sole is resistant to oil, gasoline and substantial wear due to the rider standing on the footrests. The shaft top is encircled with a soft and smooth collar preventing water, dirt and mud from getting in, just as the Neoprene® tongue prevents water entry.

    The system of joints offers the rider freedom and agility, making the boots pleasant and comfortable to walk and even run in. The new structure covering the inserts on the inside of the boots prevents the boots from scratching the motorcycle frame.

    The name “BMW Motorrad” is displayed on the heel, the front shaft cover, on the foot at the outside, on the shaft lining, the inner shoe and the inserted sole. There is also a large leather stamp on the lower leg as well as the embossed logo on the aluminum clasps. The BMW logo, is also to be found on the stainless steel tips while the designation “GS Pro” appears on the lower leg and shin protector.

    The Rallye GS Pro boots are matched to the new Rallye 3 suit and come in Black/Gun and in sizes 7.5 – 13M.

    Rallye 3 Gloves designed for the on/off-road rider


    Like the Rallye 3 suit and GS Pro boots, the Rallye 3 Gloves feature materials tailored to the specific requirements of the summer Enduro rider for both on and off road.

    An innovative SuperFabric® combines the superior safety of leather with the comfort of modern textiles. Extremely resistant to abrasion, strong and far superior to conventional materials, SuperFabric® ensures full flexibility in use. Through its grain-like structure, the fabric is hard at points but flexible where needed.

    Made of 32 percent polyester and 68 percent epoxy resin, the new material is used not only as an additional layer around the hand edges, but also on the upper hand and fingers.

    The bone shell made of hard plastic and featuring special ventilation holes interacting with 5 millimeters thick Suprotec® protector foam serves to enhance the riders level of safety. The rider’s fingers are protected by light foam at the top, his finger hands by stretched leather zones. While the complete upper hand is padded, the inner hand remains unpadded for better grip and feeling even under the most demanding off-road riding conditions. The kangaroo leather on the inner hand is resistant to sweat and is extra-strong for enhanced safety both on and off the road. The fingertips come with double layers and are printed with silicon.

    Maximum ventilation combined with optimum safety is ensured by the thin elastic net structure on the finger crotches with an active breathing effect. Contoured leather inserts between the fingers and the Neoprene® shaft with hook-and-loop fasteners allow quick and easy adjustment of width. The leather bar on the inner wrist makes it easy for the rider to put on the gloves quickly.

    The colors Black/Gun and Grey/Blue are tailored both to the GS and HP motorcycles as well as the other products in the Rallye Collection. The name “BMW Motorrad” is displayed on the hook-and-loop fastener, while the words “GS Pro” come in contrasting color as a rubber label on the back of the wearer’s hand.

    Rallye 3 Gloves are washable by hand and come in sizes 6–6½ to 12–12½.

    Pricing will be released closer to Christmas... Of course :(

    Whether you are a factory sponsored Enduro professional or a weekend Dual Sport warrior, BMW offers the “GS Lifestyle” with their practical and bulletproof GS bikes and through their GS specific on/off road riding gear.

    You cannot go wrong with high quality gear that was designed by those who ride day in and day out.
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    I've got the Rallye 2 gloves, which are nearly identical. They are holding up well, and provide good ventilation and feel. They are very good gloves. Kangaroo leather is used in the palms of good riding gloves because it is very strong and resists tearing.

    I've also got a BMW Airshell jacket, which is a hot-weather mesh jacket. It has a removable liner which works extremely well. With the liner in, it is waterproof and keeps out the wind. Remove the liner and you get excellent airflow, giving you excellent protection and cooling air.

    The BMW riding gear isn't cheap, but you don't want cheap while going down the road at Interstate speeds. You want comfortable, protective, durable, and something you can trust, and BMW provides that.

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    Hi Harry:

    ___I have some Rallye GS 2 boots on the way for a quick review for the LA trip but I doubt they are as comfortable as the GS Pro boots BMW announced today?

    ___Maybe next year ;)

    ___A good sub might be some Alpine Stars as I spoke with a guy who was using them in SC last month. Easy on and off, good weather proofing and relatively inexpensive.

    ___Good Luck


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