Report Argues for a Decentralized System of Renewable Power Generation

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    [​IMG] Looking at the map, the Soutwest and Souteast have great rooftop solar potential

    [fimg=LEFT][/fimg]Jim Witkin - BLOGS - Oct 30, 2009

    Grid expansion is still a good idea --Ed.

    Most states could meet their demand for electricity with renewable energy sources inside their own borders, according to a new report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a nonprofit group in Washington that advocates for local sustainability solutions.

    The report, called Energy Self-Reliant States, examined the commercial potential for wind, rooftop solar, geothermal and small-scale hydro projects.

    Thirty-one states, mostly west of the Mississippi, could meet all their electric demand, and all states could generate at least 25 percent of their demand using these in-state resources, the authors of the report suggest. Of the 36 states with current renewable energy goals or mandates, all could meet these goals by relying on in-state renewable fuels, the report found. ... [rm][/rm]
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    Local, decentralized generation is much more efficient than centralized, hub-and-spoke style generation like we have currently. Each user or small group of users uses only what they need, and no more. Plus massive outages like we currently are extremely susceptible to are reduced in frequency. In the northern climates cogeneration can be used for both power and heat, assuming a fossil-fuel energy source.

    Reduced transmission losses, no need for massively expensive transformers and whatnot, and reduced lifetime cost. Win-win. Oh, it's good for the environment too.
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    I couldn't agree with this concept more. Not only is it more efficient, but it adds redundancy. I think it would also help the general awareness of home owners as to how much electricity they are actually using, which in effect may help reduce energy demand.

    That being said, it'll probably never fly. A centralized power grid can be controlled easier ie; profits can be controlled.

    And that's how they roll!
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    The Institute For Local Self-Reliance sounds unbiased. :eyebrow:

    I doubt they feel the same way about the States not relying on the Federal government.

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