Obama Names 'Smart Grid' Projects

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    [​IMG] $3.4 billion in Smart Grid Investment Grant awards

    [FIMG=LEFT]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/591/091027-obama-solar-hmed-11a_rp420x400.jpg[/FIMG]REBECCA SMITH - WSJ - October 27, 2009

    More money is doled out that someone (us) will have to pay for. --Ed.

    The Obama administration on Tuesday named 100 utility projects that will share $3.4 billion in federal stimulus funding to speed deployment of advanced technology designed to cut energy use and make the electric-power grid more robust.

    Touring a field of solar energy panels in west-central Florida, President Barack Obama urged greater use of several technologies, including installing "smart" electric meters in homes, automating utility substations and installing thousands of new digital transformers and grid sensors.

    "There's something big happening in America in terms of creating a clean-energy economy,'' Mr. Obama said, although he added there is much more to be done.

    He likened the effort to the ambitious development of the national highway system 50 years ago. He said modernization would lead to a "smarter, stronger and more secure electric grid."

    When combined with funds from utility customers, the program is expected to inject more than $8 billion into grid modernization efforts nationally.

    "We have a very antiquated system that we need to upgrade," said Carol Browner, energy coordinator for the Obama administration.

    The Department of Energy said grants of $400,000 to $200 million will lead to the installation of at least 18 million advanced digital meters, which should bring the nation's total to about 40 million, or enough to cover one-quarter to one-third of U.S. homes.... [RM]http://online.wsj.com/article/SB125663945180609871.html?mod=rss_Today\'s_Most_Popular[/RM]

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