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    Thanks, that last tidbit is key. Just another 15 percent or so over EPA and I can be skilled again. :rolleyes:
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    Re: Hello

    I have purchased a 2009 Chrylser 300 C with the 5.7 liter v8 because I did not fit

    in the limited model with 3.5 liter v6. I had a 98 Chrysler Concorde 2.7 LITER V6

    which got 24 in town and 30 to 32 on trip with royal purple oil.

    Chrylser Fan 44 years
  3. MN_Sienna

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    I'm fairly new to hypermiling (one tank of gas).

    I have read Wayne Gerdes' fantastic dissertation on the EPA FE standards and Hypermiling (

    Now I am looking for full articles about each of the FE techniques he talked about and any new ones that have been invented by the hypermiling geeks.

    Basic Techniques
    RR: Ridge Riding
    Three Lights out or distant Anticipatory Focus
    DWL: Driving w/ Load
    DWB: Driving w/out Brakes (or Driving w/ Buffers)
    PP: Potential Parking
    Rabbit Timing
    Alternate Routes
    Smart-Braking (Incline, Descent, Slowing for/with traffic or traffic signals)

    Advanced Hypermiling techniques
    FAS: Forced Autostop in any vehicle
    P&G: Pulse and Glide
    HS-P&G: High Speed P&G
    Warm up P&G

    Hybrid-only techniques
    Prius II SHM (Super Highway Mode)
    HCH-II Glide, EV Assist and SAHM.
    FEH Lga to N (Low Gear Advantage to Neutral) and DGE (Delayed Glide Entry)

    I want to see what people have said about how much this technique improved their FE and tips on how to optimize.

    It is the nature of forums like this to start a thread about one of these techniques and discuss it a bunch and then the thread goes stale and drops off the front page. If you know it is there you can find it with the search tool but unless it gets stickied new users rarely find these old threads. Perhaps someone with experience on the forums can make a collection of the best hypermiling technique threads and post it (and then get it stickied so people can find it and probably locked after a page or two of comments where people can post about good threads that didn't make the list). Is there already such a place?
  4. xcel

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    Hi MN_Sienna:

    ___Some of the techniques are for safety and others are only part of the overall toolbox. Nailing down a % depends on your skill, your route and your patience so trying to produce a given % for a given technique is very very hard. Perform a given technique wrong and it can reduce your FE to the point of being useless. I always recommend that you start out with the basics and begin to build your skills until they are second nature and you can move to the next one.

    ___One of the most important tools we use is a ScanGauge because without it, you are flying blind. Most receive an ~ 15% improvement once SG-II equipped and than the basic – advanced techniques begin to make much more sense with feedback telling you if you are on the right track or the wrong one as you induce each.

    ___Good Luck

  5. MN_Sienna

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    Hi and thanks for responding so quickly.

    I'm doing all that. I changed my driving style for about 2/3 of a tank and my average MPG for that tank went up from 19 to 23mpg. Then I got a ScanGaugeII. I'm still working on my first tank with that. My trip FE on the SG comes in at 20 to 30 on my errand running depending on how far I go.

    I'm try very hard to anticipate well ahead of me on the road (and watch my mirrors). I DWL up the hills (I use the LOD display on the SG). I DWB as much as possible. I FAS down some hills on some routes where I think it helps. I took off my roof rack this weekend. I still need to make sure my tire pressure is at sidewall max.

    I haven't tried P&G. It seems like I have a fairly high rolling resistance so I'm not sure I can make it work for me.

    I'm just so new at this that I don't have a lot of confidence that I am applying the techniques correctly. That is why I was hoping there was a part of the forums where people discuss the details of how best to apply the techniques. I also want to get some idea of which ones will be more effective with a large minivan like the Sienna. Obviously the advanced hybrid-only techniques are not going to apply to me. Is there a part of the forum dedicated to talking about the techniques?



    PS. I'm driving from Minnesota to Utah tomorrow and Tuesday. I think I go read up on P&G right now. It seems like P&G is the most helpful technique for highway speeds.
  6. msirach

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    Welcome to CleanMPG! I haven't driven the Sienna, but I did put a few thousand miles on my BIN's Dodge Grand Caravan a couple of years ago. I put the tires at max sidewall, checked the air cleaner, washed the grime off of it, and removed the perpendicular roof racks. It was straight highway driving and I got as high as 36mpg for one tank and the low was a little over 26mpg with the van packed with my son's clothing and furniture for college. It was SG equipped too. The Toyota technology will make it an efficient trip.
  7. MN_Sienna

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    I looked at what people are saying about P&G and realized it is most effective at lower speeds. So, it isn't something that I'll start doing until after I get home from this trip.

    I have some questions about using the ScanGauge. What is LOD? I know it has to do with engine load but what units is it in (relative units like %, arbitrary units like TPS, or engineering units like horsepower)? Can I use the LOD number to DWL? And what LOD number should I lock it at?
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    Hi everybody: New here and my first post. would like to drop in once in a while. So please pardon me for any wrongs. Will see you all later. Thank-you all.
  9. itbarthur4u

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    Has anyone determined a logical place to start developing skills and a logical sequence to add new skills? Trying to start everything at once is too much.

    I was discouraged when after about 6 months my mpg label disappeared. Seemed like the way that was calculated got changed and I could not find my data base for a while. What happened?
  10. Right Lane Cruiser

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    If you read through the How's and Why's article it is laid out pretty much in order of techniques you should learn -- if you master each before moving to the next that seems to work pretty well.

    What do you mean your label disappeared? Your logs seem to be intact?
  11. LinuxGold

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    Where can I find and buy SuperMID? I did a google search and found many versions and am not secure about buying online.
  12. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Send a PM to our member here named Yoshi. :)
  13. LinuxGold

    LinuxGold Hypermile to the finest

    PM'd Yoshi. Thanks.
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    Good Morning!
    I registered recently (a few weeks ago?) and have noticed a continuing irritating problem. I have to sign in repeatedly! I am not noticing any specific pattern or time frame. I sign in, start cruising the site, and notice shortly that I am no longer signed in! Oftentimes it is continuous every time I go to the next page in a thread.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you!
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    Depends on which browser you are using, but there should be a small box near your sign in info to "Save Log In Info." Click it to check it and you should be o.k. If you are on a public computer, be sure to "log off."
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    This has also happened to me in the past, I use Firefox, NoScripts and CCleaner It hasn't done it in a while, though I haven't been on much either.

    - Dale
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    Re: Need help? Post here. (repeated sign ins required)

    Thank you for your help... :)

    I do not see the box you speak of near my sign in info or anywhere. :confused:

    I see this---> "Welcome, mmouwse. You last visited: Today at 10:01 AM Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 3. " displayed across the top of the window above the site id (i.e. "cleanmpg...")

    Currently using windows IE.

    I do use CCleaner at the end of my sessions, before I turn off the 'puter.
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    During the logon sequence there is a checkbox after the box where you enter your password. The checkbox is labeled "Remember me?". If you click that entry a long term cookie will be set and you will stay logged in for as long as you do not manually log out (on that computer).
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    I had similar issues after I auto-upgraded to IE 8. No amount of fiddling would fix the problem for me, so I "downgraded" back to IE 7 and all is well again. I'm running XP Pro, FWIW, and naturally, YMMV.

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