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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by tbaleno, Nov 2, 2006.

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    Help me to improve my Hybrid MPG

    OK, here we go. I have a 2008 Toy Camry Hybrid (TCH). I have aired up my tires to a little over the max psi. I have a 10 mile drive to work each day that is slightly hilly. I use pulse and glide as much as I can. I coast to turns and avoid braking if possible. I have finally learned to run in EV mode while under 42 mph after the car is warm using the technique I can't recal (Where you let off the gas for 3 sec and watch it go to EV and feather lightly to maintain speed until battery is too low and ICE kicks on). I have been getting only about 34 mpg, which is not bad, but I expected better. If I am on the road I can squeak out 42 mpg.

    Any tips are appreciated.

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    Can I get info on Dodge Ram Cummings Turbo 2500HD, to get better fuel milage. Thanks, I hope this is the right plaqce to ask question.
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    I am a freelance journalist looking to interview hypermilers in the area of Sarnia, Chatham, or London, Ontario, Canada, with preference to Sarnia. Can anyone help me?

    Thank you,

    Colin Graf
    Sarnia, Ont.
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    I think that's because none of the 3/4 or 1-ton trucks are listed, probably due to being exempt from some levels of emissions or CAFE regulations. Interestingly, NOTHING from the Hummer brand is listed, even though the H3 is based on the Colorado/Canyon light truck platform.

    It's unfortunate that the larger trucks aren't listed, because the Cummins can pull down some really impressive mileage numbers. Having lived in rural parts of TX where 1-ton dually Dodge trucks were more common than any other particular model of vehicle, I've heard countless stories of guys getting mid-upper teens while pulling a 30-foot trailer loaded with 15K pounds of hay. 20-25 unloaded on the highway was not uncommon, and also impressive for a vehicle that weighs over 6K pounds all by itself.

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    Hi Colin, welcome to

    If you started a new thread you will have a better chance of finding a hypermiler in your area. There aren't a ton of us in Ontario, but I'll keep an eye out for someone from around there. The "Beating the EPA" link in my signature is a good place to start for background information.

    Clair, I didn't know that. I half expected it to be tested in Canada, but nothing there either.

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    Hi All,
    Brand new to posting here. I'm definitely going to do the hypermiling (once I get my car running!). I have a 1998 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport (EPA 23/30) with 107,000 miles and 5 sp manual transmission. I have a 60 mile roundtrip commute on mostly highways (about 56 of the 60). I'm a teacher who does not work in the summer (my wife pics up extra days to cover that for me to stay home with our kids!!). I'm looking forward to the 'challenge' of getting into the high 30's to start, then hopefully into the 40's.
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    How can I contact a web admin who banned my other name today? I spent over 9 hours making a spreadsheet that people can use to help them determine what car to buy, how much money they can save being more fuel efficient, etc. I am trying to promote Eco awareness and did this on my time for free ... and I get banned for spamming 1 ... count it 1 ... post.

    Way to make a new member who is trying to help others feel welcome.

    Please PM me to discuss.
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    If you are MarkMySite with an advertisement for "Secrets to Better Gas Mileage Program" that would be why -- no advertising please.
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    Yes I am ... but it's NOT ADVERTISING. Whoever blocked me obviously didn't bother to read it before assuming it was spam because of the name. It's a spreadsheet that anyone can use ... FOR FREE. Please read it, keep it deleted if you don't think it will help others ... whatever. Just unblock my account please.

    Here is all it is. I spent a lot of time on it and figured it would be helpful to people. People on other forums I am on are using it too.

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    I like the spreadsheet, and I appreciate the work that went in to it. And not just because the Fit is rather towards the top of the list...

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    Thanks Clair. They still haven't unblocked my IP on my real account, but hopefully they will. If not, I guess I'll have to use a proxy IP on my laptop. :)
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    Thank you for unblocking my IP address. Sorry for the misunderstanding with my post.
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    The spreadsheet looked like alot of work. It's appreciated!!
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    Hi All;
    I own 2002 Ford Ranger and will have to drive it for several more years in order to get my money out of it. So I am trying to hypermilage as much as possible.
    I know that there is group in the Cincinnati, OH aera and want to join them. I can't find them, so if anyone from greater Cinti. reads this, please call me at (513)631-1599.

    Thank you;
    Joe Drolet
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    Pm lamebums or Bestmapman here. They will get you connected as they are 2 or the organizers.
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    Hello! Everbody. Iam Kate Johnson living in Miami,United States. Basically Iam an engineer and I really found this forum interesting. Iam really interested to know
    more about automobiles,fuel efficiency and their performances. I really feel HONDA CIVIC
    is one of the best performing brands as on today. Please keep informing us about the
    latest innovations made by HONDA car manufacturers.
    Kate Johnson
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    Hi Kate and welcome.

    Seems that hybrid civics are right up there with Prius FE - especially at freeway speeds. ICE civics take more work to get over 50mpg, but some on this site are doing just that.

    Dont know how as at 55-60mph the HCH2 CVT seems to run 1600-1800rpm while the ICE civic runs 2400-2600 (5th gear manual 07 model). Must be a fair amount of FAS and/or <50mph driving in the ICE civics.

    Are you a MARKETING engineer?
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    Almost seems like a pork products engineer... specifically pork shoulder & ham packaged in a rectangular blue & yellow can... Hmmm...


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