Prius-I and Insight-I Enginer installs

Discussion in 'General' started by xcel, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    ___A few pics of a Prius-I and Insight –I with their Enginer PHEV kits installed.


    ___Good Luck

  2. Artric

    Artric New Member

    Looks great. I see the Insight-I loses its spare tire - but does the stock basket still fit over it or no?

    Is there an official install for the Insight-I? Any walkthroughs? I'm really getting interested in buying one... although I already get 100MPG daily, with a high score of 131.8MPG with just MIMA and a grid charger!

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