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    bradlee Drive Less When You can - Drive $mart When You Do

    Hello to all MiHG members and friends,

    If your mileage is beginning to dip, and you’re still workn’it the best you can, it must mean Fall is here. As many of our veteran MiHG members know, it’s just physics and it happens every year. However there are many ways that you can help mitigate the effects of cooler weather and this will be one of many things to discuss next Saturday in Oak Creek.

    Our two major segments will both have to do with PHEV’s (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles). David Hansen, ChargePoint Specialist with ElectricCharge Mobility, will talk about Coulomb EV Charging Stations and their status in this area. These stations along with the ChargePoint Network Operating System will provide the infrastructure in this area as PHEV’s come to the market. They currently can provide service to NEV’s (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles) where communities and businesses have installed them. Since more NEV’s and PHEV’s will soon become available, this presentation should be cutting edge and very informative. Additional info can be found at:

    Our second segment will compliment David’s talk since it will feature two of our MiHG members PHEV’s. Rick Wesley has recently received his Enginer kit and hopefully will have it installed for our Meet. Eric Powers, Hybridfest/GreenDrive Expo and Madison Hybrid Group founder, has completed his install of the Enginer system in his 2002 Insight. Both will be talking about their systems, the challenges of installation and the expectations with their new PHEV’s. The word that we have heard is that the Engineer system has brought the affordability of a PHEV to under $5,000 and has been quite reliable in early conversions. Eric and Rick may certainly offer the insight and confidence of taking hybrids to the next stage of development. You’ll find additional info on the Enginer System as well as Eric’s post of his progress below:

    We would also like to share a recent development from our friends at Tire Rack. We’re proud to say that our MiHG offered some hardware and technical assistance to the research and now publication of the most current information on LRR (Low Rolling Resistance) tires in the marketplace. John Rastetter of Tire Rack and his research team have now completed the most current, comprehensive and complete analysis of the LRR tires on the market. These metrics have long been sought after in our community and John with Tire Rack has now brought LRR tires out of the shadows and into the general tire marketplace. We are happy that the MiHG played a small role in getting this report out, which is below:

    One last bit of MiHG and CPG (Chicago Prius Group) news is the successful completion of our 5th EBH (Electric Block Heater) Install Party. Through the efforts of Ken Keuler and Wayne Mitchell and the garage provided by Tom Brunka, there are now 16 more HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive) vehicles getting better mileage as the cold weather approaches. These installs were performed on Saturday Sept 26th in Milwaukee and October 10th in Illinois by this accomplished duo. They are very willing to do additional installs by appointment for those interested in having their HSD vehicles perform better through the year. Thanks to Wayne, CleanMPG has offered a thread on the Milwaukee event below:

    And now, finally, the specifics of this second to last MiHG Meet of 2009:

    For our first timers, here’s the way things generally work at a meet. We begin to gather in the Library parking lot about 9:15am to schmooze and show off our vehicles. If the weather is good, we’ll begin check-in and our VTP’s (Vehicle Tire Pressures) at that time. At 10:00am we’ll begin to setup our room and by 10:20 we should be set to begin our introduction round robin. We’ll have a short session and then take a short break for snacks and item sales. We’ll then have our main session and offer some updates, reviews, news, short subjects and door prizes and then break for lunch about 12:00 pm. After our potluck lunch, we’ll begin our Drive $mart sessions about 12:30 pm and begin cleanup. Beverages and utensils will be supplied but we encourage all attending to bring some food to share. (Main dishes are greatly appreciated). Be prepared to be gracious, with the understanding that the agenda usually does not follow the timeline.

    Milwaukee Hybrid Group Meet, No 24
    Saturday, October 17, 2009
    9:30am to 1:30pm
    Oak Creek Public Library
    8620 South Howell Avenue
    Oak Creek, WI. 53154


    9:00 – 10:00 Outdoor gathering, discussion and VTP checks
    10:00 – 10:20 Check in, room setup and informal discussion
    10:20 – 10:40 Introductions and performance updates
    10:40 – 11:05 “Green Connections for Electric Vehicles”, by David Hansen, ElectricCharge Mobility LLC.
    11:05 – 11:15 BREAK
    11:15 – 11:40 “Enginer PHEV Conversions; 2002 Prius and 2002 Insight”, with Rick Wesley and Eric Powers
    11:40 – 12:00 Open Discussion with Q/A
    12:00 – 12:15 MiHG updates, spectacular door prizes
    12:15 – Open Lunch, VTP results and informal discussion
    12:45 - Open Drive $mart America driver training

    Please feel free to bring any co-worker, friend or relative if they are thinking about buying a hybrid or are interested in getting better mpg in whatever they’re currently driving. Our meets are the best way to get accurate and real life info on hybrids and actual hands on Drive $mart training for hybrids and non-hybrid vehicles with some of the best drivers in the World. We’ll also have “spectacular” door prizes, free handouts and interesting displays in addition to our legendary MiHG camaraderie.

    We will also have the following items for sale at the Meet:

    The Accutire Tire Gauge MS4350B for $14.95.
    The Linear Logic ScanGauge 2 with X Gauge for $139.95
    Toyota OEM Electric Block Heater for $39.95
    Bob Sikorsky’s book, “Green Driving” for $14.95
    Bentley 2004-2008 Toyota Prius Repair and Maintenance Manual, for $49.95
    Green Slow Moving magnets and stickers, for $1.50 and $3.00

    We thank the 39 members that attended our August Meet and we anticipate still another great and memorable meet. Also we wish to thank all of our MiHG members across America and Canada for your encouragement and support in the continual growth of the MiHG, the largest hybrid owners group in North America.

    Questions please call us at 262-691-4349.

    Bradlee and Justin Fons
    & the MiHG Planning Group
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    Just returned from my first MiGH meeting and I was very encouraged. Encouraged by the program being instituted (Drive $mart) and the especially encouraged by the quality of people. One member mentioned that regardless of political or personal motivation, "these guys are just plain good folk who want to help others". Bradlee, thank you and the others involved for making this possible. Good luck implementing the Drive $mart program.
  3. bradlee

    bradlee Drive Less When You can - Drive $mart When You Do

    It was great meeting you Steve and thanks for taking your valuable weekend time to spend with us plain folks.

    I hope you were impressed with what we do and it seems that the Drive $mart program made an impact with you. Thanks for your words of support and encouragement.

    As the Drive $mart program develops, there will be opportunities for CMPG members around the country to stay tuned.

    I hope you stay in touch and remember to bring some other plain folks along with you the next time you come up to a Meet.

  4. Laker

    Laker Well-Known Member

    I'll endeavor to bring some 'good folk' along to the next time to interact mix with you 'good folk'. You're definitely not plain. :)

    PM me if you think I could provide help make some in roads for the Drive $mart Program. I work as an Underwriter for Allstate here in Chicagoland.

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