The underdog – Dreams do sometimes come true

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    [​IMG] Not our usual coverage but the story of a dreamer overcoming impossible adversity is worth the read.

    [fimg=right][/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Oct. 3, 2009

    Italy’s Ivan Lazzarini taking on the world on a borrowed CRF450R.

    This summer’s X Games 15 provided hours of entertainment with loads of on-screen action, including the many motorcycle events that constituted the Moto X category. Unbeknownst to most, some especially impressive behind-the-scenes drama took place.

    The story of Italy’s Ivan Lazzarini as told in this months Red Rider Online magazine.

    He came from half a world away, arriving in California with a box of parts and high hopes. His selection to participate in Moto X SuperMoto in X Games 15 served as a high point for SuperMoto racer Lazzarini. But he planned to do far more than participate—he wanted to win. And so he went to work, setting up a borrowed Honda CRF450R for battle against the assembled SuperMoto superstars—on a shoestring budget, with virtually no practice time aboard this particular machine.

    As soon as the race started, Lazzarini shot into the lead. He was challenged and pressed especially hard toward the end of the race but was never overtaken, leading every lap and riding a flawless race to become the first European rider to win not only in SuperMoto but in any X Games Moto X competition. Lazzarini’s response? “X Games is like a dream come true.”

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