Audi Efficiency Challenge A to B – The Compilation

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    [​IMG] Efficient cars and responsible drivers.

    [fflash=left][/fflash]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Oct. 3, 2009

    From start to finish in words, pictures, figures and emotions... Enjoy!

    The last stretch has been driven; the finish line has been crossed. The Audi Efficiency Challenge A to B arrived in Bée on Lago Maggiore three days ago... Nine days, eight countries and approximately 2,400 miles were covered by the cars, their drivers and co-drivers. Days with amazing scenery, lasting impressions and an experience that for some drivers will significantly change their love of driving and their driving habits forever. What they discovered is Hypermiling can be fun :) For all the participants, environmentally responsible driving is now second nature.

    20 cars on their real-life journey from A to B. The route passed through everyday European traffic; through stop-and-go conditions in cities, as well as high mountain passes; through lengthy construction zones and along high-speed autobahns. Yet the high fuel economy figures announced each evening never failed to surprise. And they confirmed the success of Audi’s systematic efficiency strategy – further evidence of Audi’s new recognition: Vorsprung durch Technik.

    This is #14 and final of the Series covering the 2009 – European Audi Efficiency Challenge.

    #1: Audi has another fuel economy challenge in the works..., #2: The Audi Efficiency Challenge has begun!, #3: Audi FE_Challenge Day 1 - A3 TDI’s average 67_mpg in cold, wet and windy conditions., #4: Audi_FE Challenge Day 2 - The A3 TDI’s Fuel Economy improves., #5: Audi FE_Challenge Day 3 - The A3 1.6L TDI reaches 3.0L/100 km (78.4 mpgUS)!, #6: Audi Efficiency Challenge A to B: Demonstrating outstanding efficiency, #7: Audi Efficiency Challenge Day 4 - An A3 TDI pulls into Oslo at a respectable 73.5 mpg, #8: Audi Efficiency Challenge Day 5 - Where country meets city, #9: Audi Efficiency Challenge Day 6 – Berlin, #10: Audi Efficiency Challenge Day 7 – Prague, #11: Audi Efficiency Challenge Day 8 – Kitzbuehel, Austria, #12: Audi Efficiency Challenge Day 9 – Finish in Bee, Italy!, #13: Audi Efficiency Challenge A to B - Final_FE averages..

    Audi Efficiency Challenge A to B – Final Compilation


    Time to sit down by the fire after a long day on the road and simply enjoy the European experience and scenery.
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    Thanks so much for covering this, Wayne. In addition to the cars and results, I also enjoyed the amazing pictures.
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    I have really enjoyed the info, pictures and video over the last couple of weeks and I appreciate the good work.

    Maybe I missed it, but I was wondering what the transmissions were on these, particularly the A4 2.0 and A3 1.6? How would you compare the traffic and terrain to multi-state US trips you've taken? Would it be easier to achieve higher FE here or about the same?

    Thanks for the great coverage and pictures.
  4. xcel

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    Hi Mike:

    ___Thanks for the note. It was hard to keep up but now that it is over, it sure was a heck of a challenge for us North American’s to watch from afar!

    ___Student Driver, the A3’s were sticks as I saw a stick in one of the interior pics or vids. The A4 2.0 e’s had Start/Stop and this feature is only included with the sticks that I know of at this point in time.

    ___Regarding terrain and traffic that we drive here vs. there, it was probably very similar. I was expecting a bit more from the 1.6L’s but the drivers were penalized for going to slow meaning they were moving at a higher clip than we would be traveling at on an FE Challenge. While traveling through Norway with the 50 mph limits, I expected a lot more including a 90 mpgUS level from the untrained drivers but the rain and cold temperatures were probably killing their efforts. The one driving team that pulled the 81 mpg day segment into Berlin probably knew what they were doing but oh how I would have loved to see what 120 CleanMPG’ers would have achieved driving all these wonderful vehicles on the same route in the same challenge and experiencing the same vistas from A to B. Even the Q7 with the 12-cylinder 6.0L TDI :rolleyes:

    ___All said, if that 1.6L A3 was let lose, it is a 100 + mpgUS car without a doubt. We will not see it over here with the lesser Euro emissions package meaning lower FE for us even if it were made available in the future :( I am basing this on the 88 mpg tank that the 07 Honda Civic 2.2L iCDTi allowed us back in late 2007. The 1.6L A3 is 40% more efficient on the NEDC than that beast! We will see the A3 2.0L TDI with the DSG but it is a 70 + mpg car at best, not a 90 + mpg car thanks to its US based emissions package more than anything else. This is entirely my speculation but it is a somewhat educated one thanks to that minimal emissions equipped, European Civic with its mighty 2.2L iCDTi.

    ___Good Luck

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