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  1. bjesh

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    Has anyone had any experience with Sumitomo LSH tires as replacements for Dunlop S/P's?

    I replaced the 2 rears because of punctures and kept the Dunlop S/P's on the front. No change in gas mileage (40.7-41.1 mpg) with the new tires in the rear for approx. 2 weeks.

    After I had the 30k and a fuel injection service, I consented to moving the new tires to the front. Since then my mileage has dropped to 39.6.

    The dealer is contending that the tires are the culprit; my contention is the fuel service. Anyone have a similar experience?
  2. 09Ranger2.3XL

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    Switch the tires back & you will know for sure

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