Block heater installs - Milwaukee in September

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    [​IMG] The 4th MiHG_EBH install party went off without a hitch with Hypermiling_Clinics performed on the fly.

    [fimg=left][/fimg]Bradlee Fons and Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Sept. 27, 2009

    Ken Keuler and Wayne Mitchell after a day of EBH installs.

    On a perfectly beautiful fall day in Milwaukee, WI, an interesting get together was arranged by the Milwaukee Hybrid Group (MiHG). This gathering proved not only how a motivated group of individuals can change the world one person and vehicle at a time but how they can have fun while doing it :)

    The 4th MiHG - EBH install event was arranged on a first come, first serve basis. Wayne Mitchell of the Chicago Prius Group and Ken Keuler of the MiHG member were tasked with performing the installs as a benefit to anyone wanting to partake. Wayne and Ken together have well over 100 professional EBH installs under their respective belts and that number continues to climb.

    With the cost to install an EBH (Engine Block Heaters) from your local Toyota dealership costing well over $200, the cost of the EBH HW ($40.00) and a donation to Ken or Wayne to the tune of $25.00 (more was greatly appreciated) for their efforts proved to be a very good definition of “Money well spent.” Additionally, the two improved upon the basic Toyota install with better cord protection and install utility.

    Beginning at 09:00 AM sharp, Wayne and Ken began the installs. It took all of 30 minutes to install an EBH into Prius-II (not including an additional 30 minutes for the engines to cool down prior). The 2010 Prius-III’s proved to be a bit more challenging thanks in part to a new wiring harness placement as Wayne Mitchell, Toyota HSD EBH premiere installer, was explaining to those of us with 2010 Prius-III’s in waiting. Tire pressures were checked and in most cases, more pressure was added enhancing the drivers FE, wear, longevity and general all-around performance.

    Prepping the vehicles


    For those awaiting their installs, food, beverages and more importantly, camaraderie was readily available. As an added benefit available to the owners after their individual EBH installs were complete, Wayne Gerdes of CleanMPG was on hand to give a bare-bones Hypermiling clinic. One new MiHG member took Wayne up on the offer with his 04 Chevrolet Aveo w/ an AT. He found out it is now possible to achieve 40 + mpg around town. A mid 40 mpg Prius-II driver pegged his FCD (99.9 mpg) on an impromptu 4-mile round trip course located in front of the garage. A 50 mpg 2010 Prius-III driver pegged her FCD on the same loop as well. Finally, a TCH driver achieved a wonderful 77 mpg segment on the road construction oriented loop proving that even mid-sized Hybrid sedan drivers can double their vehicles EPA ratings when driven properly under the right conditions.

    Clinics and some of the participants


    “It was great meeting you and the rest of the fellas, said Tim Burch – new MiHG member. “I learned a heck of a lot this morning. After inflating the tires to 44 psi and the schooling I received from the master, my mileage went from 57 on the way up, to 76 on my drive home.”

    Wayne and Ken performing the Dirty Work


    All said and done, a total of 10-EBH’s in 6 Prius-II’s, 1 TCH and 3-Prius-III’s had new EBH’s installed with 5 drivers saving more fuel today then they did previously :)
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    Re: Block heater installs in Milwaukee in September


    Way to go everybody! It's always nice to see what can be accomplished when a few people set out to do something good!

    I've got to check into getting a block heater for the Blazer.............
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    Re: Block heater installs in Milwaukee in September

    Hmm... I'm going to need to find the funds for one of these before winter(ish) weather hits NC.
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    Re: Block heater installs in Milwaukee in September

    Had a *lift*, huh? Boyo, that's luxury.
    I have a writeup from the early research and picture-taking
    Wayne and I did at Hybridfest, which may serve as an install guide
    and help some other folks DIY if you're so inclined.
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    Re: Block heater installs in Milwaukee in September

    Hi Al:

    ___Thanks for the link! If anyone intersted lives in the Chicago or Milwaukee area, have Wayne or Ken do it. The hour + aggravation for a first time installer is not worth it as I discovered on my first install into a Prius-II late last year ;)

    ___Good Luck

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    Re: Block heater installs in Milwaukee in September

    Very nice!

    I've looked before but haven't found a comprehensive guide of installation, use, and performance expectations on an HCHI. I'd be interested in anyone knows if this exists. :)

    Also, for connecting and disconnecting the AC, has anyone devised "quick release" so that if you drive out of the garage without unplugging (I'm forgetful) that it won't damage the cord or the car?

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