Don't look: when was the 1st elecrticity generating wind turbine built?

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    [​IMG] Then read on on 1st propeler wind turbine, wind farm

    [fimg=RIGHT][/fimg]Darrell M. Dodge - TELOSNET - 2002

    Suprized? --Ed.

    The first use of a large windmill to generate electricity was a system built in Cleveland, Ohio, in **** by Charles F. Brush. The Brush machine (shown at right) was a postmill with a multiple-bladed "picket-fence" rotor 17 meters in diameter, featuring a large tail hinged to turn the rotor out of the wind. It was the first windmill to incorporate a step-up gearbox (with a ratio of 50:1) in order to turn a direct current generator at its required operational speed (in this case, 500 RPM.)

    Despite its relative success in operating for 20 years, the Brush windmill demonstrated the limitations of the low-speed, high-solidity rotor for electricity production applications. The 12 kilowatts produced by its 17-meter rotor pales beside the 70-100 kilowatts produced by a comparably-sized, modern, lift-type rotor.... [rm][/rm]
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    Maybe H G Wells had a wind turbine to power one of these? :D
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