CleanMPG Fuel Economy Challenge VII - Fall 2009

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    Presenting the Fall 2009 Challenge, running from October 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009.

    [FIMG=right][/FIMG]Andrew McGuckin - CleanMPG - October 1, 2009

    Join us in our quarterly challenge to beat the EPA mileage ratings. The winner is the driver who beats the EPA by the highest percentage.

    Drive your daily routes in your normal car. Real-world cars, real-world routes, everyday conditions, etc. This is where the real results prove the value of hypermiling. Remember the CleanMPG motto, "Learn to raise fuel economy and lower emissions in whatever you drive".

    Results from previous economy runs:
    I: February - May 2008. Winner: PaleMelanesian
    II: June - August, 2008. Winners: CobraPond (A), lamebums (B)
    III: Sept - Nov 2008. Winners: CobraPond (A), MT bucket (B), jps000 (C)
    IV: Dec 2008 - Feb 2009. Winners: lnmcmahan (A), GaryG (B), jhu (C)
    V: March - May 2009. Winners: lnmcmahan (A), nissynis (B), Damionk (C)
    VI: June - Sept 2009. in progress

    How to Join
    To participate in this Fuel Economy Challenge, all you have to do is the following:
    1. Create a new mileage log. This will be an alter-ego of your vehicle, except make sure you use the 2008 EPA ratings for your car found at Choose the category "Quarter-Year FE Challenge". Please use a new log and leave the summer logs as-is until the previous challenge results are finalized. Once finalized, the previous vehicles can be deleted.
    2. Post here in this thread to announce your participation. Be sure to include a link to your new mileage log.
    3. Post in this thread with updates. Start wherever you are now, and use your next fillup, whenever it comes, as the start of your log. There is now no minimum mileage or number of fillups, only a request for no single-tank entries. We want complete daily driving records, and not cherry-picked entries.
    The standings here on page 1 will be updated periodically.

    For a level playing field, we will all use the new revised EPA estimates for fuel economy. If you are using a handicap, please list it when you announce your participation.

    Hybrid Handicap: Reduce your epa ratings by multiplying by 0.85. Hybrids are already optimized for good mileage by automatically doing many of the things hypermilers do.

    E10 Handicap: Reduce your epa ratings by 3%, to match the reduced BTU of 10% ethanol.
    Part-time E10: If you only sometimes use E10, log 3% less fuel used when you record that fillup. Make a note in the comments for the tank. Example: "Last fill was E10. Pumped 10.3 gallons, logged 10.0 gallons". Use this adjustment for the fill that finishes the tank of E10 fuel, not when you put it in.

    E85 Handicap: If you are using E85 instead of regular gasoline and EPA ratings are not available, you can estimate your E85 rating. Just lower the gasoline numbers by 25% (multiply by 0.75) and round to the nearest MPG. Enter this as your EPA rating.

    Which Division?
    Divisions A, B and C were created to help divide people into three levels, in order to increase competitiveness.

    For Returning Members:
    If you were in the top 2 or 3 in your division, please consider moving up.
    If you were near the bottom, consider moving down. Everything is more fun when the competition is close.

    For New Members:
    If are are new to hypermiling or to this challenge then I recommend either the B or C divisions to allow a good chance to get on your feet and familiarize yourself with hypermiling.

    Special class - Marathon: If you drive lots of miles, you belong here. (in addition to Div A, B or C. Sign up for both.)

    Official Standings
    Division A
    Driver Vehicle Handicap
    cpeter38 [​IMG]
    PaleMelanesian [​IMG]
    Laker [​IMG] E10
    MT Bucket [​IMG] E10
    DiamondLarry [​IMG] Hybrid
    groar [​IMG]
    lnmcmahan [​IMG]

    Division B
    Driver Vehicle Handicap
    Swineone [​IMG] E25 8%
    Kacey Green [​IMG] Partial E10, Hybrid
    Sulfuric [​IMG] E10
    Mr. Pancake [​IMG] E10, Hybrid
    Taliesin [​IMG] E10
    drummerboy2004 [​IMG] E10
    WoodyWoodchuck [​IMG]
    lxmike [​IMG] E10
    Ophbalance [​IMG] Hybrid

    Division C
    Driver Vehicle Handicap
    some_other_dave [​IMG] E6 2%
    Seraph [​IMG]
    McTimson [​IMG] E10
    Die2self [​IMG] E10
    tpmjr2004 [​IMG] E10
    aburk4 [​IMG] E10
    fanamingo [​IMG] E10
    Wonderchimp [​IMG]

    Marathon Division (long-distance)
    Driver Vehicle Handicap
    Swineone [​IMG] E25 8%
    Kacey Green [​IMG] Partial E10, Hybrid
    Taliesin [​IMG] E10
    McTimson [​IMG] E10
    Ophbalance [​IMG] Hybrid
    tpmjr2004 [​IMG]

    Clickable and sortable list of all vehicles here: Mileage Logs - Quarter Year FE Challenge
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  4. Seraph

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  5. Kacey Green

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    Re: Preliminary - FE-VII Fall 2009

    I'm down for Div B Marathoner
  6. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Re: Preliminary - FE-VII Fall 2009

    Taliesin - I'll go ahead and put you in for Marathon. At this point it's just a guess anyway.
    aburk4 - got you in there.
    Seraph - southern hemisphere should help you this time around, while we're battling cold winter weather.
    Kacey - you're on there.
  7. WoodyWoodchuck

    WoodyWoodchuck Sophomore Hypermiler

    Re: Preliminary - FE-VII Fall 2009

    Sign me up for Division B. If I'm going to be middle of the pack why not there! The new Log is in my signature.

    I'd also like to go for the marathon although I have vacation coming up and won't be driving for two weeks.

    Thank You!
  8. McTimson

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  9. lxmike

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  10. cpeter38

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    Re: Advance Signup - FE-VII Fall 2009

    The Contour is in for the winter round. My wife has requested special dispensation for the term of her :bananapartyhat: pregnancy :bananapartyhat:. Hopefully she will be up for the run next summer.

    According to my rough calculations, I should be good for somewhere north of 3150 miles (depends on vacation schedule - I do house construction work when I am on vacation and the SVT is the wrong hammer for that job). If you use 1000 miles per month, that will definitely stick me in the marathoner club.

    According to the logs of the summer challenge, there are 10 vehicles that hit the 1000 miles per month mark. If your driving 1000 miles per month, your driving an average of over 1 hour per day. In my particular case, an average "driving day" is over 2 hours (or more in the case of road construction). I don't think it is possible to cherry pick that amount of driving.

    Edited to add: Put me in whatever divisions you think are appropriate - I'm up for a challenge!!
  11. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Re: Advance Signup - FE-VII Fall 2009

    Congrats on the baby news, Craig!! :D
  12. diamondlarry

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    Re: Advance Signup - FE-VII Fall 2009

    I think my son was going to create a vehicle today. I'll make sure he adds it to his signature. I'm going to ad my vehicle to my signature as well.
  13. drummerboy2004

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    Re: Advance Signup - FE-VII Fall 2009

    Quick note: I am using the E10 handicap and I made a new log for this one...

    Woody: Nice to see you in division B! I promise to make this upcoming challenge exciting.
  14. some_other_dave

    some_other_dave Well-Known Member

    Re: Advance Signup - FE-VII Fall 2009

    Div C again, please! I will forgo the "E6" bonus, as I didn't seem to need it this last time.

    If I can do decently on this one, I'll probably punt myself up to Div B for the Winter Challenge, if there is one.

  15. 09Ranger2.3XL

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    Re: Advance Signup - FE-VII Fall 2009

    I would like to participate but am still trying to learn the in's & out's of this site.

    I did start a mileage chart but don't know how to link it or what class to enter into.

    Please help an old man out.
  16. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Re: Advance Signup - FE-VII Fall 2009

    Hi, Ranger! Click the link at the bottom of my signature for a good starting point — including signature creation. ;)
  17. GaryG

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    Re: Advance Signup - FE-VII Fall 2009

    I have to decline the comparison rating between the gas and hybrid vehicles still. The ethanol comparison between gas and hybrid vehicles is also out of comparison. My hopes was a hybrid non plug-in division and a gas division and now a plug-in division. I really don't see any need to be whipped by comparison of gas vehicles and hybrid vehicles EPA ratings.

  18. PaleMelanesian

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    Re: Advance Signup - FE-VII Fall 2009

    :rolleyes: Gary, I don't understand why you think things should be changed. You've been complaining ever since you won a challenge. :confused: I'm confused.

    The hybrid adjustments are built according to the averages in the mileage logs on this site. We did change them this time around, partly due to your suggestions. Now the hybrids are competing better as a result. The E10 adjustment is based on real-world testing and EPA testing. Ethanol has 33% less energy per gallon than straight gas, so E10 has 3.3% less. E85 would have 28% less, and the EPA tests on flex-fuel vehicles are consistent with that value.
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  19. Mr. Pancake

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  20. GaryG

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    Re: Advance Signup - FE-VII Fall 2009

    Hi Andrew

    Don't mean to complain or want a special advantage for hybrid vehicles. All I'm saying is you can't fairly compare or adjust the percentage of EPA to gas and hybrid versions. Same thing with ethanol because the Atkinson cycle is really affected by the already low RPM torque design. I had a few years of comparing E10 to straight gas in my '05 FEH before Florida mandated E10 last year. My mileage dropped between 10 and 15% and E10 lowered my overall capability of exceeding 50mpg RT's in my '05 FEH. I was pushing 70mpg RT's on straight gas in the same conditions so I know the effects it had on the older FEH. My '09 FEH handles E10 much better but I still can't compare it to straight gas which is no longer available here in Florida. Ford did add a bigger more efficient engine with new lambda O2 sensors in the '09 FEH.

    You only need to look at the results of our past Challenges here to see that only the top hybrid driver diamonlarry is still falling over 30% short of the top gas drivers. Looking at Larry's gas log he hit one of his best tanks during the present Challenge. Larry's EPA average is well above the percentage of EPA as other hybrid drivers in both the Hybrid section of the gas log and other hybrid vehicles in the Challenge.

    My opinion is the Challenge would grow much larger with a separate hybrid results and get more owners playing. I'm comparing my results with other hybrid hypermilers and really can't see any sense in comparing them with gas MT vehicles. The MT Insight is even having a hard time with its EPA ratings compared to other hybrids and even much more to gas versions.


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