Go Hypermiling #10: The modded hybrids are coming!

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    [​IMG] Enginer, Hacked Hybrid and Five Stroke Engine promises Big FE.

    [fimg=left]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/501/Go_Hypermiling.jpg[/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Sept. 17, 2009

    Go Hypermiling Podcast Type: Audio

    Link: Go_Hypermiling #10 - The modded hybrids are coming.

    Hosts: Kacey Green, Manuel Santos, Wayne Gerdes

    Recorded: August 23, 2009

    Music: DJ Dolores - Oslodum 2004

    Runtime: 31 min : 16 sec

    Moderating: Kacey Green

    Technique: DWL or Driving With Load

    Main Topics: “Enginer” plug in hybrid kits coming to the market, Hacked Hybrid Gets Nearly 100 Miles Per Gallon, Tiny Five-Stroke Engine Promises Big Fuel Economy.

    Sponsors: CleanMPG, Hybrid Canada, & Midlands Hybrid. In addition, BMW F 800 GS Motorcycles and Midlands Honda.

    Kacey, Manuel, and Wayne discuss these fuel sipping/saving products/inventions.

    First up, discuss the technique of DWL (Driving With Load), pretend your car is a roller coaster when on hills, then, Manuel tells us about the Enginer plug-in hybrid conversion kits, an economical PHEV conversion kit that appears to be compatible with all existing hybrids.

    As a surprise topic we discuss Honda’s announcement of a compact BEV (battery electric vehicle) by 2015 and possible reasons they say this car will take so long to arrive.

    I introduce a new 5-stroke engine, that says with just 3 cylinders and a five-stroke operating cycle it can provide both big fuel economy numbers and high power output.

    We finish up discussing the efforts of a university to increase the already stellar MPGs of the first generation insight with a 3-cylinder diesel engine replacing the original 3 cylinder gasser.

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