Chicagoland engine block heater install event

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    If you have wanted your Toyota engine block heater installed, now is the time. Do you need one? Just search the forums here or on for the info on why. Don't have an engine block heater? You can get them from the PriusChat shop, or the Milwaukee Hybrid Group. Remember, they will not be available at the Chicago install event and the Milwaukee event will have a limited number of extra, so get them ahead of time.

    First the Milwaukee Hybrid Group is having a group install event on Saturday September 26th. The location is seven one one zero West Good Hope Road, Milwaukee, WI. If you are interested contact Bradlee Fons at

    But if you don't want to travel From the Chicago area, then our ChicagoPriusGroup is having an install party on Saturday, October 10th starting at 10:30AM. Not only can you get your engine block heater installed, but we will be having a cookout. The address is two five five two five West Ivanhoe Rd., Wauconda, IL . And if you'd like, bring a side dish to share as well. It usually is a 15 minute install for a Gen I and II Prius, about 30 minutes for a Camry and about 45 minutes for a Gen III Prius. These times are for a car which is cooled down. So come out and get some food and get warm for the winter. If you are going to get a install, please let us know so we have an idea for time. And even if you don't want or need an install, come out anyway and socialize with all your fellow Prius owners. Any questions just email
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    I am going to try to make this.
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    Great write up Wayne and it sounds like you're planning a great time as well.

    Since PC would not post our MiHG price of the EBH, it's $40 or $45 if you want it shipped.

    Since Wayne will be coming up to help with our Install on the 26th, if you want to buy one, I'll have Wayne bring it back with him and you'll save $5 shipping.

    Contact me at and I'll send you payment options.

    Hat's off to Wayne for his diligent effort in getting HSD owners "blocked" up.


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