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    [​IMG] Smart Fortwo_BEV ready for production with second generation electric drive.

    [fimg=left][/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Sept. 15, 2009

    Smart is readying their BEV for worldwide availability. Price still unknown however.

    From mid November 2009 the new Smart Fortwo electric drive will roll off the production line in Hambach, France. Unlike its predecessor, the electrically driven Fortwo of the second generation is fitted with a 14 kWh Li-Ion pack provided by Tesla and housed in a space-saving position between the axles. A 40 HP/89 lb-ft. of torque electric motor is fitted at the rear. The fortwo BEVs range is 84 miles with a top speed limited to 62 mph.

    The new Smart Fortwo BEV is initially being leased to customers in Berlin, other urban centers in Europe and the USA who will subject the Fortwo to real-world testing. From 2012, it will be available everywhere to anyone interested.
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    Sorry... I just don't think using a bunch of LiCo cells (such as found in laptops) is such a good idea. :eek:
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    the thing I've been wondering about EVs is this: for the elecric range, it it an accurate figure or is it a fake estimate like how it is for laptop computers. For example, a "6 hour" laptop battery really lasts 2 hours. Does an 80-mile EV really go 80 miles? Or does it only go 20-30 miles?
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    Hi Indigo:

    ___YMMV but the ranges are usually based on a FE cycle run in a loop so they are reasonably close to actual for someone that drives to meet the NEDC (Europe) in their vehicle. Unfortunately most European's do not even come close to their vehicles NEDC combined so take off 15 to 20% range vs. spec. Even so, if you are driving beyond 60-miles, range anxiety is going to be creeping in with your BEV and you will either slow down or not drive the distance.

    ___Good Luck


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