VW's August sales up 11.4% vs. August of 2008

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    [​IMG] TDI’s essentially sold out nationwide!

    [fimg=left]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/501/2009_VW_Jetta_TDI_Test_drive_wrapped.jpg[/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Sept. 1, 2009

    2009 Jetta TDI - $22,270 to start w/ a $1,300 Tax Credit available and 34 mpgUS combined on the 08 EPA.

    Cash for Clunkers (C4C) creates the best sales month since December 2005

    Volkswagen reported August 2009 sales of 24,823 units representing an increase of 11.4 percent over August 2008.

    The government sponsored Car Allowance Rebate System, otherwise known as Cash for Clunkers, helped Volkswagen post its best sales month since December 2005. With a full model range of fuel efficient and fun-to-drive vehicles Volkswagen was well positioned for the program. Volkswagen of America's volume model, the Jetta, also posted its best sales month since December 2005 with 12,872 total units. Volkswagen's versatile compact Sport Utility Vehicle, the Tiguan, posted strong August sales results with 1,750 units. CC and Routan also posted extremely strong August results with sales of 1,980 and 2,098 units respectively.

    "We are extremely pleased with our August sales results. The government sponsored Cash for Clunkers program was instrumental at sparking the entire auto industry. The fact that Volkswagen currently has more vehicles that attain 25 miles per gallon or better on the highway than any other brand well positioned us to capitalize on the program," said Mark Barnes, Chief Operating Officer, Volkswagen of America, Inc. "Volkswagen's success in the program is best illustrated by how well our extremely fuel efficient TDI models sold during the program, resulting in virtual sold out situation of our model year 2009 TDI inventory. However, 2010 model year Jetta sedan TDI's are now available in dealer showrooms and Jetta SportWagen TDI's will be available later this month," added Barnes.

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