How will the Cape Wind project blow post-Kennedy?

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Cape Wind

  1. Go forward

  2. Bad location - stop it

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    [​IMG] Pro: Start of offshore wind that could provide all utility & automotive (EV) power from Maine to N Carolina (330 GigaWats if deployed throught the East Coast shores): Con: airtraffic nightmare, sacrilegious to Native Americans, hurt tourism

    [fflash=LEFT][/fflash]Jim Tankersley and Christi Parsons - LATIMES - Aug 27, 2009

    See,, Wikipedia article --Ed.

    Reporting from Martha's Vineyard, Mass., and Washington -- For at least one more summer, vacationers on Martha's Vineyard won't be able to gaze across the water and see, far off on the horizon, the churning blades of offshore wind turbines -- no matter how badly the island's most famous current vacationer would like.

    President Obama, now summering on the Massachusetts island with his family, is still at least a year away from seeing turbines take root anywhere off the U.S. coast, even though his administration promised to make offshore wind a priority and developers are lining up to string wind farms up and down the Atlantic seaboard.

    His administration, delayed by controversy and red tape, has yet to grant a single permit for wind or solar development on public land, onshore or off.... [rm],0,7107963.story[/rm]
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